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Winner Season - 10 (September 2021)

Jury Award
Anchor 1

Best Short Film - Jury Award



Film Directed by: Joby Varghese (Genre: Short)

"The changes brought by time in human relations. The dissonances in such changes..And journey of a man that transcends place and time, seeking a solution for those dissonances..."

Trailer of "VUJA DE"

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Best Feature Film - Jury Award



Film Directed by: Catherine Dao (Genre: Feature)

"At 29, Shawn Wittig is the epitome of the spoiled rich kid living on the largesse of an indulgent single playboy father. The years of coddling by dad, including avoiding prosecutions from DUI to manslaughter charges continue to fuel Shawn's addictions to drugs and alcohol, When the law finally caught up with him, Shawn is released into a teaching/rehabilitation program at the local university run by JT Dalton, a brilliant but mysterious chemist. At first JT’s and Shawn’s relationship is antagonistic but, after a late night in the chemistry lab, it becomes something deeper. Soon JT and Shawn are involved in an illicit and highly sexualized affair that begins to consume both their lives. When the University catches wind of the affair, JT is promptly suspended and Shawn’s father forces the young man to give up his romance with his older professor…"

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Best Web  Series - Jury Award

FaceTime With The Rickkenbakker Family, A Web Series.jpg

"FaceTime With The Rickkenbakker Family", A Web Series

Film Directed by: Thomas Connelly (Genre: Web series)

"You can choose your friends, but not your family. Each brief episode is a humorous look at our often challenging, and sometimes annoying, relationships within our family!"

Trailer of ""FaceTime With The Rickkenbakker Family", A Web Series"

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Best Music Video - Jury Award

"Not Enough Entries"

Categories Award
Anchor 5

Best Short Film - Less then $5000

Sometimes I think about things, and sometimes I get sad..jpg

Sometimes I think about things, and sometimes I get sad.

Film Directed by: Louis Crevier (Genre: Short)

"The project explores the inner struggles of the artist, the fears, anxieties and thought patterns that, to some extent, drive their existence. The artist's voice, sporadically reciting diary-like entries, guides you through a world built as a visual representation of their emotions. The resulting experience is surrealist in nature, but also deeply intimate."

Sometimes I think about things, and sometimes I get sad.

Anchor 6

Best Short Film - Between $5000 - $10,000

The Next Generation.jpg

The Next Generation

Film Directed by: George Kyriakopoulos & George Zouvelos (Genre: Fantasy, Drama, crime, thriller, action, comic book, adventure, science fiction)

"The Next Generation’ Television 2021, actor George Kyriakopoulos, as Jake; and, starring actor George Zouvelos, as Joe, who transforms into the arch-villain Hammerhead——- Is it a a selfless act of an underdog, when Jake takes matters into his own hands when he sees Task Master lurking in the streets. Jake wanting to help, and get justice for Captain America, and the Avengers, he takes on the evil Task Master. Will the underdog who's got a heart of gold, take down the skilled assassin? Or will evil continue to reign unabated."

Trailer of "The Next Generation"

Anchor 7

Best Short Film - More than $10,000

"Not Enough Entries"

Anchor 8

Best Feature Film - Less than $5000

No Greater Evil.jpg

No Greater Evil

Film Directed by: Ethan Emmert (Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller, Mystery)

"A sister and brother discover their grandmother acting strangely upon traveling to tell her of their mother's (her daughter) passing."

Trailer of "No Greater Evil"

Anchor 9

Best Feature Film - Between $5000 - $10,000

Ed and Rooster's Great Adventure.jpg

Ed and Rooster's Great Adventure

Film Directed by: Lucy Fazely (Genre: Feature)

"Two gulls find a portal into alternate realities."

Anchor 10

Best Feature Film - More than $10,000



Film Directed by: Satish Davara (Genre: Feature)

"Divaswapna is a story of the journey of a village boy named Kanaji who achieved all his dreams with his courage, commitment and passion despite of many odds in his life.
Kanaji’s father, a good hearted farmer, with a dream of imparting best of the education to his son and other kids of his village plays a pivotal role in this journey of his son along with a teacher named Narendra.
The story goes through many ups and downs in the life of Kanaji as he got trapped with situations like teenage mischief, father’s demise and conspiracies of the local Sarpanch and his friends. He keeps chasing his divaswapnas of educating the farming community for innovative and organic methods of farming and Better education system as preached and practiced by renowned educationalist “ Gijubhai Badheka”. which was incidentally, Divaswapna of his late father as well......"

Anchor 11

Best Web Series



Film Directed by: David Ash (Genre: Web series)

"A terminal cancer diagnosis leads a miserable workaholic on a self-indulgent quest to win back his pregnant-and-estranged wife and connect with his unborn son through a self-funded, semi-autobiographical movie about the meaning of life.

All seven episodes of the first season have been completed. Provided here is the pilot episode. The rest of Season 1 can be viewed on the website with the password: kg1"

Trailer of "Incompleteness"

Anchor 12

Best Music Video

"Not Enough Entries"

Back Stage Award
Anchor 13

Best Director


Award goes to: "Jillian Vitko"


Film Directed by: Jillian Vitko (Genre: Romance, Comedy, dark comedy, rom com)

"Dark comedy meets rom-com about a woman who, while spending the evening alone, decides to bake up a date for Valentine's Day."

Anchor 14

Best Cinematographer

A Drunk Scorpion Will Sting Itself to Death.jpg

Award goes to: "Nadir Hepburn"

A Drunk Scorpion Will Sting Itself to Deat

Film Directed by: Denton True (Genre: Drama, Crime)

"After the overdose, all Dean wants is to get clean and get off the streets. When Maria offers a hand with that, he finds out how far he'll go for salvation, leaving a trail of blood and bodies behind him."

A Drunk Scorpion Will Sting Itself to Deat

Anchor 15

Best Editor

Refugees, welcome!.jpg

Award goes to: "Kostiantyn Mishchenko"

Refugees, welcome!

Film Directed by: Kostiantyn Mishchenko (Genre: Short)

"My family and I are refugees. Once they helped us to get a job in a new country. Many more need help ..."

Anchor 16

Best Screenplay


Award goes to: "Jordi Barbosa Flores & Juan Antonio Barbosa"


Film Directed by: Jordi Barbosa Flores, Juan Antonio Barbosa (Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller, drama, terror, ciberpunk, ficción, cataluña, españa, baix llobregat, filmaker, film, web, webserie, serie)

"In a near future, a brand-new technology is available: CIN device, a neuronal implant that replaces the smartphones in terms of functionalities. GHT corporation is on the way to get the monopoly of the CIN technology so it pretends to accomplish its goal at any cost. Iris is just released from jail and she is looking for a job to keep their conditional release from prison. The life of Iris Pons, alias "Jaque", will take an unexpected turn."

Trailer of "EQUÁNIME"

Anchor 17

Best Production Design

The Supers.jpg

Award goes to: "SONAM BISHT"

The Supers

Film Directed by: Manoj Adhikari (Genre: Short)

"Not all super heros wear capes"

Front Stage Award
Anchor 18

Best Performance (Male)

To Be Announced

Anchor 19

Best Performance (Female)

The Break.jpg

Award goes to: "Tara Flanagan"

The Break

Film Directed by: Eben Skilleter (Genre: Short)

"Comedy-drama short about 3 young women whose friendship rapidly deteriorates when they become lost in the middle of nowhere"

The Break

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