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Season - 9 (MARCH 2021)

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Short Film - Less than $5000



Film Directed by: Andre Westerholt (Genre: Short)

A struggling artist is taken by surprise when his painting sells online for a high price but is soon forced to face the true emptiness behind his art.

A struggling artist is faced with the reality that he has potentially failed in the attempt to make a living off of his art. After he receives an E-mail by an online art marketplace telling him that one of his paintings sold for 2700 dollars he is caught in disbelieve at first but quickly understands that his life might finally change for the better.
Trying to paint a new canvas a while later he is not able to conjure up the creative spirits that would enable him to create art like the painting he recently sold online. He decides to turn to a helpful tool which has put him in this situation in the first place."

Orchid Daydreams.jpg

Orchid Daydreams

Film Directed by: Marisa Avitia (Genre: Short)

"The day starts with Naomi receiving a final notice in the mail from the bank for the late mortgage payment on the house. She has 30 days to pay it or face eviction. Naomi freaks out because she has lost a steady income from real estate sales after developing a cold attitude following her mother's death. To connect with her mother and give back, Naomi now mainly volunteers as a Crisis Hotline Operator as a way of helping those in need and healing from the loss. She feels she can’t live the life she wants to as she is constantly worried about Nellie. On the anniversary of her mother's death, Naomi keeps receiving calls from the hotline, she gets aggressive and unfriendly after a while. Nellie has been going through a severe depression over the past year, which started right before the mother's death. Her marriage has fallen apart within the year, which resulted in a loss of income because her husband allowed to focus on her art, and he was the sole provider...…."

Off for some Beers!.jpg

Off for some Beers!

Film Directed by: Haris Gioulatos (Genre: Drama, Thriler, Crime)

"A lot of times we are wondering what kind of person is the one living next door. The delivery man comes to show us and lead us along, with his beers in one of his usual quests."

Off for some Beers



Film Directed by: YURI MASLAK, OLGA TUGAEVA (Genre: Short)

"Two young female students decided to take up fitness. But something went wrong."

It's Like You Know Me.jpg

It's Like You Know Me

Film Directed by: Eben Skilleter (Genre: Drama, Sci-fi, Comedy)

"A young woman receives a mysterious phone call from her future self, and is told she's about to make a very big mistake..."

It's Like You Know Me



Film Directed by: Jerry Keys (Genre: Drama)

"Erin Jacobs lives under a dark cloud of abuse with her volatile husband Royce. She has no light in her life until she meets Johnny D, a disfigured and mentally challenged man, who like Erin, lives in a dysfunctional home filled with cruelty and neglect. The summer of their budding friendship ends with the two "strays" confronting the abusive Royce in a violent showdown."

The Treasure.jpg

The Treasure

Film Directed by: Silvia Gregorova (Genre: Short)

"Black comedy “The Treasure” was based the eponymous neorealist tale by Alberto Moravia from the collection “The Roman Stories (1954)”. The main impulse to write the script came from an actual article from the Czech tabloid about buried Jewish gold. The film takes place in a Czech town and tries bitterly to criticize the absence of piety and the persisting anti-Semitism hidden in some of us. The whole film is illustrated by the music of the Prague Yiddish band and photographs of the Jews."

Trailer of "The Treasure"



Film Directed by: John Borowski (Genre: Short)

"SOMETHING ABOUT HENRY is about a tortured soul named Ladybird, who has a unique affliction and as her story unfolds and climaxes to the WHY of her condition…’s another social commentary of why one shouldn’t ever sit in judgment of what society refers to as the “less fortunate”. While there is some humor attached, its message is loud and clear!"



Film Directed by: Mimi Garrard (Genre: Short)

""Meta" is a dance created for video directed by Mimi Garrard and featuring Michael Francis McBride."

Mutual Funds.jpg

Mutual Funds

Film Directed by: Komalankutty Methil (Genre: Short)

"Pilfering is pardonable if mutually practised."



Film Directed by: Brandy Seymour (Genre: Short)

"Two futuristic lady cops bust a forbidden speakeasy."

The Package.jpg

The Package

Film Directed by: Livio Bondi (Genre: comedy, suspense, thriller)

"A man’s life is at stake as he drives through the several obstacles of life to deliver a very important package."

Chocolate Monsters.jpg

Chocolate Monsters

Film Directed by: Nicky Naudé (Genre: Drama, Comedy, Horror)

"A couple living near a forest, discovers one morning that their kitchen has been visited and completely devastated. Then, they start looking for the culprit …"

Artistic yellow (Giallo artistico).jpg

Artistic yellow (Giallo artistico)

Film Directed by: Andrea Malandra (Genre: Short)

"The story of the film takes place in Pescara.
the film is a tribute to Andrea Pazienza's imaginary world. The surreal plot is supported by far-fetched characters who live in urban spaces, creating dreamlike states and comic gags."

Paying Up.jpg

Paying Up

Film Directed by: Dustin Mills (Genre: Short)

"A desperate heroin addict owes money to his violent dealer and decides to sell his very manhood to a cult to get the money. Horror is not always being chased by monsters , but sometimes the decision we make ourselves"



Film Directed by: Marcello Quintella e Boynard (Genre: Short)

"The day of a widow preparing the buddhist celebration for her husband's soul - the "hooji". She's waiting for her daughter and son, until a mysterious phone call changes everything. A tale about missing, loneliness and hope. Freely inspired on the death haiku by the japanese poet Umezawa Bokusui (1875-1914)"

My Train Leaves Tomorrow at 7 O'

"My Train Leaves Tomorrow at 7 O'Clock"

Film Directed by: Konstantin Pivovar (Genre: Short)

"The girl prepares for an adventure of a lifetime. She packs a suitcase, puts on her best clothes, new shiny boots and gets on the train. Well, that's what she hopes to do.

In reality, she spends days in her bedroom, locked by her mother, fantasizing about finally leaving one day.

Everything that you will see in the first few minutes is a visually and musically striking fantasy blended with girl's reality."



Film Directed by: Eben Skilleter (Genre: Short)

"A young woman involved with a much older man sees their relationship in a stark new light when he shows her a house intended for their trysts."



Film Directed by: Thorkell August Ottarsson (Genre: Drama, Sci fi, Dystopia)

"A short film about a married couple in trouble."

Earth Calling.jpg

Earth Calling

Film Directed by: Bara palcik (Genre: sci-fi, fictional, isolation)

"Palcik’s latest video Earth Calling reveals the limits of the human body with the main emphasis on the sound of the lived experience. The pure existence of our bodies is often neglected and sadly taken for granted. The short video celebrates the memory of an already forgotten life event and it honours human experience, nature, and female sexuality."

small fish.jpg

Small fish

Film Directed by: Quentin Lestienne (Genre: Short)

"Thinking about a quotation from Jean-Luc Godard :
"We must make movies like a farmer makes his own organic vegetables and sells them on the market", an investigation was necessary. Therefore I went to see my brother, organic farmer in the South of France.
So what would be organic filmmaking ?"

Trailer of "Small fish"

The Chair.jpg

The Chair

Film Directed by: Ronnie Cramer (Genre: Abstract Experimental)

"A woman encounters a chair with strange properties, but can't decide if the experience is exciting or annoying. Created old-school style, using only pen and paper, and made up of 2,700 individual drawings"

Friends Online.jpg

Friends Online

Film Directed by: Samantha White (Genre: Dark comedy, thriller, comedy, horror, drama, psychological drama, social commentary, satire)

"'Stacey' an anxiety ridden, lonely, keyboard-warrior recluse hopelessly tries to convince his favourite young friend Ellie, that he too is a teenage girl, with the desperate hope that she’ll send him the pictures he craves."



Film Directed by: Kim Casey, Michael A. Stevens, Megan Margiotti, Liz Muller & C. E. Simon (Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama)

"As the final step to a literal life-altering process, a woman with an ambiguously difficult past undergoes an evaluation with an unconventional therapist and decides if erasing her memory will allow her the blank slate she thinks she needs to survive."

Tom's Bullies.jpg

Tom's Bullies

Film Directed by: Vamsi Kurli (Genre: Short)

"The story of 15 year old high school kid who's always been bullied by two guys, had enough and take drastic action against them without thinking of consequences of his actions."

Peach Blossom.jpg

Peach Blossom

Film Directed by: CHENG YANG (Genre: sci-fi, romance, drama)

"A young astronaut returns with a sample from a habitable planet, only to find out his untold identity."

Anchor 2

Short Film - Between $5000 - $10,000

Dark Night.jpg

Dark Night

Film Directed by: Ira Farmer (Genre: Short)

"Vampire film"

Death Offers Life - last moments of Vinc

Death Offers Life - last moments of Vincent Van Gogh

Film Directed by: Saheer Abbas (Genre: Short)

"The story is the fictional account of the last five minutes of the acclaimed painter Vincent Van Gogh who was a failure in his lifetime. Death who has come to take him makes an offer which Van Gogh rejects and accepts the hands of death gracefully."

Trailer of "Death Offers Life - last moments of Vincent Van Gogh"

Wells of Hope.jpg

Wells of Hope

Film Directed by: Lia Beltrami (Genre: Short)

""The day we left Syria, the bombings were as strong as rain ...". Hence the story of Shaima, fleeing the war, kidnapped as a victim of trafficking. Is there still hope? You cannot live without it.
Among stones, deserts, mountains and dust, a group of brave Arab women gives life to Wells of Hope, to give answers to the drama of trafficking, together with the worldwide network Talita Kum. They are women of different religions who live in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria. They move between borders, conflicts and refugees. They want to restore the dignity of the victims and rebuild the dignity of the abused people. The path is not easy, but the determination of these women will open a new way."

Trailer of "Wells of Hope"

The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by

The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie

Film Directed by: Ken Sagoes (Genre: Short)

"A young and brilliant academic phenom who not only passes the bar exam at age 14 but finds himself defending his homeless father on a murder charge when few believe he is innocent. He faces a shrewd law firm, an old school segregationist judge, and an arrogant prosecutor who is preparing to celebrate his 50th consecutive case win."

Trailer of "The McHenry Trial – Don’t Judge a Kid by Their Hoodie"



Film Directed by: Dustin Mills (Genre: Short)

"A home invasion turns into a mass murder narrative"

Dirt Town.jpg

Dirt Town

Film Directed by: Lisa Meuser (Genre: Short)

"Ottawa filmmaker Lisa Meuser have teamed up to tell an original tale of heartache, bravery and loss, "Dirt Town."

Dirt Town is about the discovery of Canada, love and choice.
It took one call to change her life forever. When her husband, a train conductor working for the Canadian Pacific Railway, got transferred to work in a remote place in British Colombia, an unhappy wife is now forced to adapt to a new reality and to a husband that she no longer recognizes."

Trailer of "Dirt Town"

Grave Talk.jpg

Grave Talk

Film Directed by: Andrew Huggins (Genre: Short)

"In 1947, Willie Earle was arrested and jailed for the alleged murder of a white taxi driver, Thomas W. Brown.
Within 24 hours Earle was forcibly taken from the jail by 31 white taxi drivers and lynched.
All 31 defendants were tried as a group and acquitted."

Anchor 3

Short Film - More than $10,000

Who Is Responsible.jpg

Who Is Responsible

Film Directed by: Sena Tunali (Genre: Short)

"A sad lead pantomime artist and sad world realities. Our forests are burning out. Animals are dying out. Plastic wastes are everywhere. The world is dying out. Seeing the sad events of nature from a pantomime artists point of view. As the pantomime artist worded "We should change this before it's too late"."

Trailer of "Who Is Responsible"

She Is Mine.jpg

She Is Mine

Film Directed by: Sena Tunali (Genre: Short)

"Jess a newly film school grad along with her childhood friend Mary who is also a grad from the same film school are trying to make a living in LA. Jess works at a restaurant but she gets fired due to her clumsinesses. On the other hand, Mary books a PA job on set but she gets sick and doesn't want to lose the opportunity to bring money to their household. So Mary convinces Jess to go to work on that set pretending to be Mary. Jess introduces herself as Mary to everybody on that set but as soon as she sees her childhood love Adam on that set as the director, everything starts to break apart. She realizes that Adam is completely changed and he is not the Adam she used to know."

Trailer of "She Is Mine"

Cruel Tale, Friday kills.jpg

Cruel Tale, Friday kills

Film Directed by: Guéguen Hugues (Genre: Short)

"In a hostel, Managers from a big company are coming for a secret meeting. On behalf of the new bioethic Law, they plan a conspiracy about the slaughter of their own employees they want to layoff. However, they just did not expect Suzy and Dany."



Film Directed by: Lilia Le Dieu, Konstantin Pivovar (Genre: Short)

"C., a needy man, knocks on the doors of a next door building and asks its residents for some bread for his starving children. P. opens the door and they engage in a long conversation about selfishness and good deeds. C. tries to explain his point that people help others to feel good about themselves, not necessarily because of pure altruistic motives. P. gives C. all of his bread to prove he’s a good person, and C. leaves. The next day when he enters the elevator with the neighbor L. he sees this note:

 “Dear residents, recently I came to your building, because my family was starving. I went through every floor, knocking on every door. And none of you, not even one soul in this building gave me anything.
 I wanted to let you know”.
 Feeling betrayed and embarrassed of what the neighbors will think of him, P. tears off the note and pays a visit to C. After a heated conversation, C. starts typing more notes...….. "


Anchor 4

Feature Film - Less than $5000

Fairytales of Growth.jpg

Fairytales of Growth

Film Directed by: Pierre Smith Khanna (Genre: Short)

"The effects and risks of climate change are compelling young people the world round to call upon radical system change as the only solution to avoid a catastrophic collapse. Fairytales of Growth looks at the role economic growth has had in bringing about this crisis, and explores the alternatives to it, offering a vision of hope for the future and a better life for all within planetary boundaries."

La amable euforia de la danza.jpg

La amable euforia de la danza

Film Directed by: Miguel Castanet (Genre: Short)

"Man is a victim of his circumstances, a man who is forced to flee his country, a victim of a communist regime for being an artist and homosexual, a man who has to adapt and survive a new culture and language and who fights tirelessly for years to bring an International Ballet Festival to Miami and create different cultural organizations to enhance the Hispanic culture in South Florida, specifically in the city of Miami. This documentary to showcase the life,work and legacy of Pedro Pablo Peña through interviews with personalities of culture national and international."

Losing It.jpg

Losing It

Film Directed by: Marco Ruggio (Genre: Feature)

"A woman on the run must confront a horrific past and the assassin her criminal husband has hired."

Losing It

Anchor 5

Feature Film - Between $5000 - $10,000

Confessions of Zero.jpg

Confessions of Zero

Film Directed by: Andrea Malandra (Genre: Feature)

"It is a contrasting love story between two young people, Sebastiano called Zero and Vienna, belonging to different worlds and opposed by the oppressiveness of a family and social context that would like to normalize them and flatten their human peculiarities. A contemporary "Romeo and Juliet"."

Trailer of "Confessions of Zero"

Anchor 6

Feature Film - More than $10,000 -

The Wetland.jpg

The Wetland

Film Directed by: Dušan Davidov (Genre: Short)

""The Wetland" is a documentary movie about the bird ringers. It´s also a movie about volunteering. There is no main character in the movie because they all are main characters - bird ringers and their helpers. It doesn´t matter who speaks because they speak as one. Their names are not important. Important is just their love for nature. In order to devote themselves to their "hobby" they are willing to sacrifice their holidays, spend their own money to buy bird rings, food and transportation to the stationary point. They are doing this because they are convinced that it has a deeper meaning and that they are helping the nature."

The Butcher.jpg

The Butcher

Film Directed by: Michael Moutsatsos (Genre: Feature)

"Thaddeus Hyatt is a chef. He has mad cow. He kidnaps foreigners kills them, injects his blood into them, than feeds them to the folks in his restaurants."

Trailer of "Hamlet/Horatio"

Hamlet Horatio.jpg


Film Directed by: Paul Warner (Genre: Feature)

"The film begins on an empty sound stage with the death of Hamlet. The action transpires in his last moment of awareness as the hero of Shakespeare’s most famous play watches his life flash before him and his soul transcends. Told from the
perspective of Hamlet’s closest friend and confidante, Horatio, who takes on the role of film director in order to fulfill his promise to dying Hamlet to tell the story of Hamlet’s life!"

Trailer of "Hamlet/Horatio"

Anchor 7

Web - Series

A Kangaroos without Pouches Podcast Epis

A Kangaroos without Pouches Podcast: Episode 6

Film Directed by: Dan Smith (Genre: Short)

"This is the 3rd attempt at our 6th episode. Andy & I talk about our Twitter Handles, being funny, Bone Thugs & Harmony, dial-up modems and childhood sports glory. We play the Dan Peppers Andy with Questions Game."

A Kangaroos without Pouches Podcast: Episode 6

The Gliwensbourg Chronicles.jpg

The Gliwensbourg Chronicles

Film Directed by: EMILIE TOMMASI (Genre: Short)

"Gliwensbourg, winter 1915, a French trench is pounded, all the soldiers are buried making only one survivor. Underground, the soldier who survived managed to get out of an air pocket and crawl into a hole leading to a mysterious tunnel that leads to ... 1925!"

Trailer of "The Gliwensbourg Chronicles"

The Single Man.jpg

The Single Man

Film Directed by: Gabrielle Adkins (Genre: Comedy, Parody, Spoof, Improv)

"Ten eligible ladies.  One lucky single man.  One Zoom link.  Endless drama, laughs, heartbreaks, and breakthroughs.  Totally unscripted and improvised.

The Single Man is an episodic web-series in the time of COVID; a spoof of modern dating shows in which a group of women compete in challenges from the questionable comfort of their homes/quarantine locales.  Challenge-winners may gain immunity, more time with the Single Man, and other concrete advantages.  The ultimate prize, however, is the invitation to rejoin the Zoom link at the end of every episode.  Each episode, one woman will…continue to stay at home, but no longer be welcome in the virtual meeting room.  Even COVID-19 cannot stop love. 

Hosted by the sphinx-like Portia Maybee, who needs no introduction (and prefers not to give one either), and featuring the handsome and eligible Shane Labeau as the titular character.   Make no mistake though, the ladies are certainly the stars.  Especially if they get their way."

Season 2 of Facetime With The Rickenbakk

Season 2 of "Facetime With The Rickenbakker Family"- A Web Series

Film Directed by: Thomas J Connelly (Genre: Short)

"Lulu, the demanding Matriarch of the Rickenbakkers, communicates with her dimwitted sister Jezbel, her deadbeat brother in-law Seymour and her devoted, gay son Stee-von on

Season 2 of "Facetime With The Rickenbakker Family"- A Web Series

Anchor 8

Music Video



Film Directed by: Alexey Belkin, Vsevolod Aljokhin (Genre: Music Video)

"In one summer day, the "enlightened" lord of the village decides to wash in a bathhouse, but he cannot, since all the peasants have gone to the prohibited village dances.
The lord is indignant and calls his efficient worker Timonia to resolve the issue with the bathhouse. During the bath procedures, the lord has poisoned by fumes in the bathhouse to death. But during the funeral, it turned out that the lord pretended to be dead in order to see who would grieve for him and who does not. Timonia exposes the lord's pretense and dips him in a font of ice water to revive him. After that, everyone, including the lord, goes to the village dances."




Film Directed by: Nate Ziller (Genre: Animation, music video, drama)

"A music video about what it's like to be called white when you are black in the USA."

Class Reunion.jpg

Class Reunion

Film Directed by: Mihnea Cernat (Genre: Music Video)

"A collage of photos and videos about ex classmates having a great time. And the music video for the band Colonist pe Luna (Colonist on the Moon)"



Film Directed by: SREERAG S POYKAYIL (Genre: Travel)

"Above the colors, a flowing river. An empty boat in it. The undercurrents showed the worlds that he didn't see. It was a beginning of self-discovery. 'Vangaaya'. The beginning of the search for that taste of life."



Film Directed by: FRANC KOPIC (Genre: Music Video)

"My hometown and Oto Vrhovnik, saxophonist"



Film Directed by: Aashish Rego, K. C. Loy (Genre: Music Video)

SOC FILMS PVT. LTD. celebrates the contribution of Women to Music through a unique song “Jaago Zara” performed by over a 100 prominent women singers, performers, musicians and lyricists across the world.
The brainchild of Aashish Rego, the composer & lyricist of the song along with his co-composers & co-producers, Justin-Uday Duo & Pt. Somesh Mathur, the song features such stalwarts and legends such as Begum Farida Khannum, Pratibha Prahlad, Sudha Mathur, Anuradha Pal, K. S. Chitra, Sharda Sinha, Anuradha Paudwal, Usha Uthup, Sharon Prabhakar, Mohini Dey, Mahalaxmi Iyer, Hamsika Iyer, Sadhana Sargam, Rekha Nigam, Shweta Shetty, Malini Awasthi, Ila Arun and many more. It also features 3 Choirs and the Macedonian Symphony Orchestra and has been mastered at the famous Abbey Roads Studios, London..."

Anchor 9

Competition Only



Film Directed by: Piero Cannata (Genre: Short)

"The wind in your hair, a distant music, the sound of the sea. Just a summer day."


Love At First Hit

Film Directed by: David Luu (Genre: Short)

"Dave in his mid 20s, has never been in a relationship before. He has a Dodgeball Grand Final coming up and really wants his new girlfriend to go. Dave is in love with Anna and Dodgeball. Which one will be his downfall?"



Film Directed by: Giorgi Tkemaladze (Genre: Short)

"Henry is a 20 year-old American studying Georgian folk music.
He is gay and has a strange habit. At night he likes to sing in the park for his amusement. One night, this strange habit gets him into an adventure where he will be a hostage, victim, fiance, sweetheart, knight and participant in a strange exotic tradition and finally the gay boy’s humanity character saved one girl’s Life."

Anchor 10


121 days.jpg

121 days

Film Directed by: Livio Bondi (Genre: drama, experimental)

"Four months into lockdown, the mind starts moving faster than the body"

Message to Future Generations.jpg

Message to Future Generations

Film Directed by: Sorin Pavelesco (Genre: Short)

"A short artistic film with a message of hope on the daily activities of a North American family during the COVID-19 quarantine of mid-March-April 2020."



Film Directed by: Alan Del Castillo (Genre: Short)

"Facing the 2020 pandemic alone, Carlo reaches boiling point.

When COVID-19 arrives in 2020, Carlo finds himself alone and confined to his home, where he has to deal with the mental and physical health struggles faced by many during the pandemic."

Trailer of "Kettling"

Out of View.jpg

Out of View

Film Directed by: Stephanie Hazel (Genre: Short)

"Inspired by true events. Set & filmed during the Covid-19 pandemic as it is unfolding. 'Out of View' follows Kiera, a woman who unknowingly documents her escalating abuse via video logs."



Film Directed by: Veronica Vanegas (Genre: Short)

"Conspiracy Theories around Covid-19 and the believe of Fake news in social Media"



Film Directed by: Quentin Lestienne (Genre: Short)

"Insolite is a character shut in a room.
He's looking to escape from his daily life."



Film Directed by: Raza Tariq (Genre: Social)

"A documentary exploring the diverging opinions of the global
population — young, old, left, right and beyond — as the world
falls into crisis amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, through an
internet video call. Except the participants have no idea that
they are talking to one another.
Un documentario che esplora attraverso una videochiamata su Internet le opinioni divergenti della popolazione globale - giovani, anziani, sinistra, destra e non solo, tutto ciò mentre il mondo cade in crisi in mezzo alla pandemia di Coronavirus, solo che i partecipanti non hanno idea di parlare tra loro."


Password: premiere18

Anchor 11

Critique Review Only

"Not Enough Entries"

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