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Winner Season - 12 (March 2022)

Jury Award
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Best Short Film - Jury Award

Come te.jpg

Come te

Film Directed by: SIMONE BIANCHI (Genre: Short)

"Fabio is part of a family that is compromised by its "game" addiction. As a result of his behavior, his wife Ilaria decides to remove him from home, also trying to protect Andrea, a ten-year-old girl who is the couple's daughter. The man leads a life on the sidelines, sleeping in the car, drinking and looking for money to play slots like a drug addict. Andrea takes on the emotional weight of his father's situation and by trying to help him, she herself remains a victim of the problems that plague man. History, in addition to describing the drama of how an addiction disrupts a person's life and affections, highlights in a broader sense how all the bonds between parents and children bring with them something that, for better or for worse, will mark us for lifetime."

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Best Feature Film - Jury Award

"Not Enough Entries"

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Best Web  Series - Jury Award

"Not Enough Entries"

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Best Music Video - Jury Award

Lay of the Land - The SHOPWINDOW.jpg

Lay of the Land - The SHOPWINDOW

Film Directed by: Darren Stokes (Genre: Indie, Janglepop)

"Lay of the Land is about experiencing dark times in life, getting lost down the rabbit hole, meeting the wrong people and dragging yourself from the gutter for a new life. Eventually learning what it’s all about in the end, the thing that is most important, Love!” Carl Mann - Writer/Lead Singer of THE SHOPWINDOW."

"Lay of the Land - The SHOPWINDOW"

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Best Animation Film - Jury Award

The Secret of Mr. Nostoc.jpg

The Secret of Mr. Nostoc

Film Directed by: Patrice Seiler & Maxime Marion (Genre: Children, Fantasy, Nature, comedy, recycle)

"Mr. Nostoc lives in an hectic city. Not stressed or pressed by time, he goes to work, and always has a new surprise under his hat.

When night comes, he goes into his attic and stays there for hours. Working on his secret."

"Trailer of - The Secret of Mr. Nostoc"

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Best Documentary Film - Jury Award

the wanderer of the montagnette.........jpg

the wanderer of the montagnette........

Film Directed by: Jacques MICKE (Genre: Documentary )

"from a tale by FERNANDEL

"Trailer of - the wanderer of the montagnette........"

Categories Award
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Best Short Film - Less than $5000

Axe Soup.jpg

Axe Soup

Film Directed by: Austin Janowsky (Genre: Short)

"A hungry soldier tricks his way into food."

"Axe Soup"

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Best Short Film - Between $5,000 - $10,000

Robot Romance.jpg

Robot Romance

Film Directed by: thomas constantinides (Genre: Short)

"Struggling writer salvages a robot from the street and it completely changes his life."

"Robot Romance"

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Best Short Film - More than $10,000

"Not Enough Entries"

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Best Feature Film - Less than $5000

"Not Enough Entries"

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Best Feature Film - Between $5000 - $10,000

"Not Enough Entries"

Anchor 12

Best Feature Film - More than $10,000

"Not Enough Entries"

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Best Film Made by Women Filmmakers.

Light of My Life.jpg

Light of My Life

Film Directed by: Melissa Whitely (Genre: Short)

"In dark times, a new friend arrives to shed some light on the situation."

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Best Animation Film

The Boy and The Mountain.jpg

The Boy and The Mountain

Film Directed by: Santiago Aguilera & Gabriel Monreal (Genre: Animation, Short)

"Hernán is a child who likes to daydreaming, but in his studies he is not doing well at all. His father constantly urges him to improve, advising him that he must reach very high to succeed in life. Hernán dispenses with his dream, gradually forgetting it to devote himself to his studies. Over time, and already become a successful entrepreneur, Hernán achieves the dream that his father instilled in him, reach high, until one day he will realize that he has not really achieved something he always longed for. Then he will make the crucial decision to fulfill his dream, but fate will play tricks on him. Hernán will have to face a new challenge that will change the meaning of his life."

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Best Documentary Film

Isle of Capri  A Song of My Mother.jpg

Isle of Capri: A Song of My Mother

Film Directed by: Dawn Young (Genre: family, health, senior citizen)

"Dawn Young's mother is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease so she and her husband, Jon Pousette-Dart, find a way to enhance her existence and that of her housemates through music and the evocations that it brings.”

"Isle of Capri: A Song of My Mother"

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Best Web - Series

"Not Enough Entries"

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Best Music Video

Lighthouse - THE SHOPWINDOW.jpg


Film Directed by: Darren Stokes (Genre: Janglepop, Indie)

"The 2nd single off the 2nd LP for my boys The ShopWindow is a song close to singer songwriter Carl's heart... “I sometimes wake up and find myself in a fog, crippled by anxiety and self doubt. ‘Lighthouse’ is about how my wife is always able to steer me through that fog to safety and firmer ground. She has an ability to do this without even realising most of the time, just by being her sparkling self.”

"Lighthouse - THE SHOPWINDOW"

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Best Covid-19 Related Film

Light of My Life.jpg

Light of My Life

Film Directed by: Melissa Whitely (Genre: Short)

"In dark times, a new friend arrives to shed some light on the situation."

Backstage Award
Anchor 19

Best Director

Love Affair in the Afternoon.jpg

Award goes to: "Katsuhide Yamago"

Love Affair in the Afternoon

Film Directed by: Katsuhide Yamago (Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama)

"It's late afternoon when her husband is away. A married woman is seduced by a younger businessman and meets him repeatedly. She refuses and refuses, but her burning body is drowning in pleasure. Then, her husband suddenly comes home..."

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Best Women Director

"Not Enough Entries"

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Best Cinematographer

Today's Kindness.jpg

Award goes to: "Jade Grout"

Today's Kindness

Film Directed by: Bill Grout & Jade Grout (Genre: Documentary, Short)

"Exploring what kindness means, a writer looking for a better way to live sees the needs of a homeless man. They become friends and the writer realizes how he can help a man without means. And the rewards are friendship, money, and learning that you are not alone."

"Today's Kindness"

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Best Editor

Louisiana Bayou.jpg

Award goes to: "Marilyn Oakley"

Louisiana Bayou

Film Directed by: Marilyn Oakley & Carlene McDearis Wentworth (Genre: Music Video)

"Somewhere deep in a southern bayou lived an ancient woman who performed a little voodoo and she'd be happy to oblige if you needed a little tit for tat but once it was done, you could never, never turn back A well-dressed gent paid her a visit one hot humid night among a tree line too thick to let in the moonlight An enchanting woman as old as the swamp that edged her place with long, gray braided hair and a well leathered face He had doubted her power to grant such ill willed demands that she claimed she could do by the magic of her frail hands but he was willing to gamble, and he knew the stakes were high and he was looking to make a deal about his cheating wife He had come, hell or high water, 'cause he was willing to be bold Yeah, he had travelled down that dark, ...…"

Anchor 23

Best Screenplay

Life After Death.jpg

Award goes to: "Marco WestWood Gonzalez"

Life After Death

Film Directed by: Marco WestWood Gonzalez (Genre: Drama, sci-fi, thriller, horror)

"In the near future, a grieving wife struggles to accept her husband's return from the dead due to his "life" insurance."

Anchor 24

Best Production Design


Award goes to: "Eben Skilleter"


Film Directed by: Eben Skilleter (Genre: Short)

"A young woman haunts the areas she and her son used to frequent in an attempt to make sense of a terrible tragedy"

"Today's Kindness"

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