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Short Film - Less than $5000

The Margins.jpg

The Margins

Film Directed by: Leia Christ (Genre: Short)

"Kathryn and her parents move into her grandparents old farm home after her grandfather's recent death. As they get settled into this historic home, Kathryn starts to discover the haunted past of her aunt Mary that digs up toxic family history that craves a resolution."

The Margins



Film Directed by: Donna Magnani (Genre: Detective, cop, drama, crime, crime drama)

"A loving father and husband comes home to find his wife dead in the bathtub. Detectives are on the scene to investigate, but who is the real killer?"




Film Directed by: Fivos Imellos (Genre: Short)

"After the sudden death of Violetta's mother, her father is looking for a way to renew their relationship. But he will face the powerful character of Violetta, and his own mistakes of the past."

Trailer of "VIOLETTA"


Happy Valley 19 April 2020

Film Directed by: Wesley Shrum (Genre: Short)

"The Happy Valley Set was the most notorious group of colonialists in history. Their infamous activities were abruptly ended with the murder of a nobleman during WWII. Two very different and surprising perspectives on this affair by white and black Kenyans, including a possible link between these settlers and the MauMau rebellion."

Light Years.jpg

Light Years

Film Directed by: Wesley Shrum, Greg Scott (Genre: Short)

"Since the beginning of modern cinema, viewers and critics alike have been transfixed by light contrasted with darkness. This interplay of light and dark was typical of film noir, a metaphor of good and evil in plots that featured crime, detectives, and mystery. We celebrate this genre through a salute to Augustin-Jean Fresnel, the inventor of a lens for lighthouses that was later used for movie and theatre lighting. Light Years features serial murder and a star-studded group of suspects over a half-century of film. Whodunnit? Ultimately, we learn that the Fatal Fresnel Lens has incinerated five cameras that recorded their own demise."



Film Directed by: Matthew Novak (Genre: Drama, Sci-fi, Thriller)

"A nature photographer, trying to escape his own demons, ventures into the remote wilderness."

A House of Fox.jpg

A House of Fox

Film Directed by: Hirokazu Fukawa (Genre: Short)

"“A House of Fox” is a contemporary folklore that inspired by an old short Japanese comic story by Katsura Beichou. Fox crosses a boundary between woods and human habitation and interact with people unlike any other animals but more humanly way. Fox is a messenger of “Dakini,” originally. However, it mixed up “Inari” which is native religion of Japan. There are so many Japanese folklores have stories of fox and those often depict fox as a deceptive animal. Fox tricks people and, in return, fox is tricked by people. People believes fox is intelligent as human and transforms into human. This is another urban folklore."



Film Directed by: Heather Knott (Genre: Short)

"A fractured consciousness locked in a perpetual cycle of explosive negativity is interrupted by a mysterious new illuminating presence, inciting a raw discovery of self and what it means to be complete."


She Can’t.jpg

She Can’t

Film Directed by: Katalina Kovecses (Genre: Short)

"A woman is faced with the horrible reality of unwanted pregnancy in a city that does not allow abortion."

She Can’t



Film Directed by: Bob Jones (Genre: Short)

"a portrait of 95 year old Mrs. Della Fleming"

Science and Love.jpg

Science and Love

Film Directed by: Mersolis Schöne (Genre: Short)

"Bridging the gap between science and love, this film essay takes viewers on a journey of discovery through the public spaces of the University of Vienna to explore the connection between reason and emotion - between science and love. Within this philosophical experiment, contrasting images arise: a monument to rationality and a beating heart; a love letter and a technical definition of love."

Trailer of "Science and Love"

The Coin.jpg

The Coin

Film Directed by: Scott Flones (Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama)

"A woman battling cancer, learns her insurance has run dry. After breaking the news to her husband Carl, they decide to sell the house.
Carl and long-time friend Jacob, begin to pack the attic, when suddenly Jacob stumbles upon an old metal detector. Both men take a break from packing, but instead, discover something that will change the lives of both forever!"

Secret Chamber.jpg

Secret Chamber

Film Directed by: Jonas Grimas (Genre: Short)

"Rickard wants to end it all and finds a woman prepared to help him, but it comes at a price. And things are not always what they seem to be..."

Trivial Loser.jpg

Trivial Loser

Film Directed by: Aniez Atlas (Genre: Comedy, Thriller, Crime, Action)

"Five friends gather to play trivial pursuit but it wasn't the typical was the most important game of their lives"

Trailer of "Trivial Loser"



Film Directed by: Patrick Smart (Genre: Drama, Suspense, Supernatural, Thriller)

"Seeing is a supernatural suspense drama about a young woman forced to choose between saving the lives of innocent children and saving her own life.

Izzi, 26, has become a recluse as her ‘gift’ meant she started losing herself to darkness. A former colleague begs her to help the police find who has responsible for a spate of missing children. Will Izzi agree and risk herself? Or will she walk away with children still disappearing?"

Trailer of "Seeing"



Film Directed by: Obie Dean (Genre: Short)

"A woman's struggle after a life changing event leaves her living with a mental illness and difficulties with relationships. "We never remember days, only moments, Life's full of empty moments when heroes fall.""

Trailer of "Lotty"

Below The Hills.jpg

Below The Hills

Film Directed by: Kate-Lois Elliott (Genre: Drama, Non-Narrative, Experimental)

"This is a VO led film with a conceptual narrative.
Below The Hills follows the character of Natalie and her friend Lucy, as they return to a house from their childhood. At the start of the picture Natalie is desperate to feel something, she hopes returning to this house will stir her awake in some way, but she fails to even hear the birds in the garden.

Eventually she lets go of the house and travels up into the downs. She closes her eyes and takes what feels like the first easy breath she has had in weeks. When she opens her eyes, to her surprise, she hears the birds as the sun starts to rise."



Film Directed by: Andrew Sean (Genre: Short)

"Akash and Laxmi, a newly married couple, thought they were building their perfect life together; until 'that' day. Now, Akash is trying to escape his haunting past, but at the cost of his sanity."

Trailer of "Elude"

Induction to Purgatory.jpg

Induction to Purgatory

Film Directed by: Ray Brady (Genre: Horror, Sci-fi, pschological-horror)

"A highly disturbing short psychological horror film that blurs the line of wakefulness, between consciousness and unconsciousness."

The Unbearable Time.jpg

The Unbearable Time

Film Directed by: Aranyak Chakrabarty (Genre: Short)

"The film is about the pain of boredom and endlessness of time.The film has a philosophical aspect."

The Unbearable Time



Film Directed by: SHYAMA SUNDAR MAJHI (Genre: Short)

"Pukli is a village girl who belongs from an indigenous community of rural India. The lively little girl is known for her endless questions and curiosity towards anything unknown to her. But one fine day she suddenly stopped talking to everyone. No one had any clue about her silence. Her parents, villagers and school teacher have tried a lot to find out her doubt. But they all remained speechless when they heard her foremost unanswered question."

Lizzy's Plan.jpg

Lizzy's Plan

Film Directed by: Joshua Lang (Genre: Short)

"In an old fashion battle of the sexes, Lizzy and her friends band together against their cigar smoking husbands."

Trailer of "Lizzy's Plan"



Film Directed by: Hiram González (Genre: Short)

"A teenager performs the ancestral folkloric ballet of the Northwest of Mexico where a deer flees from its hunter who requires his divine flesh to transcend from the filth of the world."



Film Directed by: Matthew Roseman (Genre: Short)

"In the midst of a global pandemic, four friends find themselves at the center of an existential crisis."


A Very Special Christmas Gift.jpg

A Very Special Christmas Gift

Film Directed by: Kimberly B. Flores (Genre: Thriller, Horror)

"A few friends spend a fun Christmas morning opening gifts together, but a mysterious gift left on the doorstep quickly changes things."



Film Directed by: Cortez Mack, Daniel Merrick (Genre: Short)

"a story about a 40 year old black man suffering from mental illness"




Film Directed by: Ashley Landrieu (Genre: Comedy)

"a Stuntwoman tries to get her brother to help train during quarantine."




Film Directed by: Olli Huttunen (Genre: Short)

"How the ideas are born and how bumpy road they have to go through before they light up? The ideas are all around us but will we see them? Although we are constantly searching, will the idea and the seeker ever meet? This short animated film takes a straight downward glance at this paradox. It is a collection of aerial views and simple physics simulation."


The Lonely Road.jpg

The Lonely Road

Film Directed by: Darren Hawkins (Genre: supernatural, ghost, horror, paranormal)

"Phoebe Jones is a paranormal investigator, on the eve of moving to a new town she visits her cousin, Leanne Summerfield. Leanne is a psychic and a sensitive and has grave fears that Phoebe is heading into trouble. Will Phoebe take her advice? Or will the things that Phoebe has been hunting come looking for her?"

Occultum Mala.jpg

Occultum Mala

Film Directed by: Darren K Hawkins (Genre: Short)

"Amelia is a typical ten year old girl. With a loving mother, doting father and something under the bed she's afraid of ....."



Film Directed by: Ivann Willig (Genre: Romance)

"In the 1960s, Maria, a young wife with visual impairment, needs to "see" life from new perspectives."



Film Directed by: Jon Cohen (Genre: Sci Fi, Thriller)

"To guarantee that the future stays the same, time agents are sent to make sure the present does what they want it to. But when Katherine is ordered to kill an innocent girl, she fights back, but at what cost?"

Trailer of "Paradox"

Love, Charlie.jpg

Love, Charlie

Film Directed by: Jon D Cohen (Genre: Short)

"A story about loss and love where Charlie suffers from Dementia, but his wife Frances will never stop loving him, no matter how hard it gets. Told using a reverse poem, which is a poem that reads top to bottom with one meaning, and bottom to top with a different meaning, it focuses on the way the mind swings from fear to anger to loss, and the love that binds us."

Love, Charlie

Wrong Answer.jpg

Wrong Answer

Film Directed by: JD Cohen (Genre: Short)

"To make a little extra money to cover rent, Clare Newell volunteers to do a psychology study into the effects of mild electric shocks on recall. Although she doesn't really understand what the study is about, all psychobabble really, she is comfortable with doing it. But she has no idea how far Professor Farley will push her... or how far she'll go."

Wrong Answer



Film Directed by: Jayleen S Perez (Genre: Short)

"A strong Latina woman plots revenge against her abusive husband."


CINE, ME (2020).jpg

CINE, ME (2020)

Film Directed by: JUNSEOK EOM (Genre: Short)

"I made an experimental short film titled, "CINE, ME." In this film, I try to combine two things, my birth and the birth of cinema. I spent most of my life time with cinema. My life is strongly related to the cinema so I just tried to mix the story of my life and the history of cinema together. Plus, in my opinion, there are some crucial elements to cinema such as steam power, the sewing machine, the train, and so on which allowed the cinema to be born and grow. This is my thought. Thus, I attempt to show and represent those elements in this film. I believe that a film editor is quite similar to a tailor, in that they sew together 16mm physical film. I hope you enjoy my work and are inspired by it."



Film Directed by: Andrew Ball-Shaw (Genre: Short)

"Emotional drama short film looking at how the lives of mother and daughter are affected by the mother's declining health, as a person living with dementia."

Trailer of "Lavender"

The Song.jpg

The Song

Film Directed by: Daan van den Berg (Genre: Music, Portret)

"American singer-songwriter David Olney (b. 1947) tours the Netherlands each couple of years, but this time he struggles with physical issues that comes as a price for his love for touring.

David died suddenly on stage early in 2020 while performing. The 2018 tour was his last in the Netherlands."

Trailer of "The Song"

Dog's Breakfast.jpg

Dog's Breakfast

Film Directed by: Matt Bissett-Johnson (Genre: Comedy, Sci Fi)

"A low polygon dog goes on an adventure into the Hall of Cosmic Insanity."



Film Directed by: Robin De (Genre: Romance, Social, Political)

"Many years later, a one-time left-wing student leader, today's famous writer Akhilesh, suddenly met with the then opposition leader of the university, Basabdatta. At the same time, the two sides disagree on contemporary, politics, religion and humanity. The curtains of the past have come out of the conversation to reveal the secret chemistry of their relationship and a strange unknown. In this film, the past has been moving in parallel with the concurrently and has reached the most disturbing points in today's society."

Magnificent Man.jpg

Magnificent Man

Film Directed by: Royston Fernandes (Genre: Short)

"Ronald despised the idea of superheroes being worshiped. He comes face to face with Magnificent Man and questions the man behind the mask."

For Sale.jpg

For Sale

Film Directed by: Jan Bartels (Genre: Short)

"Two sister inherts an old house and going to inspected it. After a disastrously robbery to other gang members, three criminals forced their way into the house. They must be taking all their loot (500 000 $ ) and a heavy wounded gang member to a safe place. After a while, jealousy, hatred, competitiveness, and greed took turns controlling all persons in the house."

Anna, a story about structural violence.

Anna, a story about structural violence.

Film Directed by: Ioannis Damopoulos (Genre: Short)

"Injustice, immigrants; and death are the film's themes.

Anna faces a form of structural violence wherein some social structure or social institution may harm her by preventing her from meeting her basic needs, specific in our story health treatment.
Anna lives a 'Bare life' as refereed as a conception of life in which the sheer biological fact of life is given priority over the way a life is lived, by which Agamben means its possibilities and potentialities'"

Murder Has Joined the Meeting.jpg

Murder Has Joined the Meeting

Film Directed by: Josh Minnie (Genre: Mystery, Drama)

Trailer of "Murder Has Joined the Meeting"


"The Betty Lewis Story" aka 'God Bless the Child'

Film Directed by: Emmitta J. Lewis (Genre: Short)

"A video presentation of a fascinating story of a woman - my mother's - survival, from homelessness, reliance on public assistance or welfare to professional and personal success, self-sufficiency and triumph over Major Depression - after and despite 17 years of domestic abuse.

Music: "Concrete Angel" by Martina Mcbride, "Still I Rise" by Yolanda Addams, "What the World Needs Now" by Jonathan Butler, "I Will Get There" by BOYZ II MEN and "GRACE" by Kim Burrell."

"The Betty Lewis Story" aka 'God Bless the Child'

With New Eyes.jpg

With New Eyes

Film Directed by: George Leontakianakos (Genre: Short)

"Pavlos, a cynical, racist Airbnb host, spends a night with his new tenant, Fotis, a romantic, insightful blind man seeking human contact after his wife’s death. As the night progresses, however, Fotis begins to shed light on Pavlos’ misconceptions."

Trailer of "With New Eyes"

The Visit.jpg

The Visit

Film Directed by: Kristi Tethong (Genre: human rights, politics)

"An impressionistic haiku-like documentary illustrating a man's first visit to his father's occupied homeland Tibet, the second least free country on earth.  Assembled with 16mm hand-processed film, personal road trip footage and film archives, The Visit is an artful exploration of intergenerational loss, longing and the stifled rage within the liminal spaces of exile."

The Visit

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Short Film - Between $5000 - $10,000

No One Left.jpg

No One Left

Film Directed by: Morgan Hamilton-Lee, Brendan Smith, Jen Brown (Genre: Short)

"Day in the life of the last man on earth."

G A B R I E L.jpg


Film Directed by: Pierfrancesco Artini (Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller, sci-fi)

"Agatha is struck by her husband's death. She feels old and lonely, yet she starts to experience unexpected sexual desires that would lead her to buy the ultimate version of a male sex robot, Gabriel. Will she find happiness?"

Trailer of "G A B R I E L"

so far from us.jpg

so far from us

Film Directed by: Eva Hoffmann (Genre: Short)

"The night Nik and Kolja meet Lynn and Johanna, they just want to have fun and drift through the night. But when they find themselves on the roof of a condemned building the party is over before it really began. Each of them is struggling with their own problems but what they all have in common is the desire to find their place in our over-complex world."

so far from us



Film Directed by: Marcello Quintella e Boynard (Genre: Drama)

"Where does love live after it dies?"

The Invitation (Die Einladung).jpg

The Invitation (Die Einladung)

Film Directed by: Thorsten Schade (Genre: Short)

"The world-renowned Adam Birkenholz AG invites the young project developer Thomas Renner to an interview. The meeting in a noble property is developing promisingly. Renner imagines the goal of his dreams. But nothing is as it seems to be. And the hope of a little glamor and glory will become Renner's nightmare ..."

Trailer of "The Invitation (Die Einladung)"



Film Directed by: Runar Thor Sigurbjornsson (Genre: Romance, Drama, LGBT)

"Andri, an anxious teenage boy, hides and represses his sexuality in fear of his masculine father's reaction but, on the eve of Andri's first date, he finds a clever way to reveal his secret."


Bite Club

Film Directed by: Kim huynh (Genre: horror, action, fantasy)

"A young werewolf named Adron goes looking for his older brother Haydon, who has been missing for some time. He begins his search at the last place Haydon was seen. The elusive venue for supernaturals called Bite Club. The place where the 'supes' can be themselves and away from the humans. Adron gets thrown into a world where the vampires and werewolves are still battling a war with the humans, and discovers that the vamps and the weres are not the only 'supes' out there.
Please note: During post production we lost two of our precious actors to suicide. Our thoughts are with their famiIies and loved ones. We will always have them in our hearts and now they are immortalized in film. R.I.P​

Trailer of "Bite Club"

Yellow Dress a short film.jpg

Yellow Dress: a short film

Film Directed by: Kristen Johnson (Genre: Short)

"LOGLINE: An ambitious Asian adopted mother attempts to balance her rising pre-pregnancy theatre career and raising a toddler. However, she continuously compares his youth to hers, which invites eager ghosts that torment her.

Riss Goodwin is mother, wife, and a reinvented actress who resumes her dreams to get to Hollywood and become a famous actress. She is therefore excited to audition for Medea the Musical in Chinatown, an avant garde iteration with music. However with in-laws coming in five hours with a two hour audition process, counting traffic, she is severely pressed for time.

As she jumps into her work she hears “the wheels on the bus go round and round” and her world alters and she grows younger and younger. In this undesired memory, Riss becomes the child version of herself, Rachel. Rachel and her brother Sang Duk are paid off to be owned by an orphanage. The children scream for their father and the musicality of the screams push Rachel back to reality and Riss’s is surreal. ........."

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Short Film - More than $10,000



Film Directed by: Kevin James ONeill (Genre: Short)

"When Dirk learns about past atrocities, he makes amends the best way he can, while working through his residual remorse."

Trailer of "RESEMBLANCE"



Film Directed by: Velayutham B (Genre: Short)

"vidhai is a short documentary film. who has character based on poongodi"

The Trial of Miss Mudimbe.jpg

The Trial of Miss Mudimbe

Film Directed by: Melanee Murray-Hunt (Genre: Short)

"Sarah, an immigrant and student, flees the Congo to build a new life in Canada, only to discover that the man who raped her, a professor at her former university, has found refuge in Canada as well.
Tragically, he has no intention of ceasing his abuse of Sarah, who takes desperate measures to stop him and protect her fragile freedom in her country of choice."

Trailer of "The Trial of Miss Mudimbe"

The Tell-Tale Heart - a musicabre.jpg

The Tell-Tale Heart - a musicabre

Film Directed by: Danny Ashkenasi (Genre: Horror)

"A musical adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's gothic horror story. A man is so disturbed by an old man's "vulture eye" he resolves to murder and dismember him. But the murderer is driven to madness and confession by the incessant beating of the victim's heart under the floor boards."

Trailer of "Melanee Murray-Hunt"



Film Directed by: Phil Comeau (Genre: Short)

"Acadians from Belle-Ile-en-Mer, France, visit eastern Canada to meet their cousins with whom they share a common history. Descendants of the deported Acadians by the British from their Nova Scotia homeland, they attend the international World Acadian Congress. This film is about exile, the power of memory and finding your roots."


Blue Unnatural.jpg

Blue Unnatural

Film Directed by: Marco Bolognesi (Genre: Experimental, Sci-Fi, Art, Animation)

"A world where personal freedom is persecuted, where propaganda communication feeds on the oxymoron of armed peace and private workers work on the assembly line to build female robots that will destroy anyone who opposes"

Trailer of "Blue Unnatural"

The Butterfly Cage.jpg

The Butterfly Cage

Film Directed by: Hélèna Serra, Maxime Sabisik (Genre: Drama, Uchronia)

"A little boy is dead. His parents were trying to grieve until they found out about a cloning laboratory that could give them their son back."

Trailer of "The Butterfly Cage"

The Eve.jpg

The Eve - Short film 2015

Film Directed by: Luca Machnich (Genre: Short)

"Simon is an eight-year-old boy who seems to have everything from life. He’s a handsome child, he’s rich yet unhappy. He senses that there’s something wrong with his life and this leads him to wander off thanks to his fervid imagination. His greatest wish is to leave the materialistic world behind since he isn’t fond of it. That’s why the only present he wants for Christmas is for Santa Claus to take him away to live in his fairyland toy factory. At the same time, a secret that his family has been keeping for a long time suddenly comes to the surface and it is feared that the worst might happen soon. The expectation for the stroke of midnight on the night before Christmas is transformed into reality for everyone on the eve of something truly different. Something terrible that might happen."

Trailer of The Eve - Short film 2015

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Feature Film - Less than $5000



Film Directed by: Jacob Minor (Genre: Experimental, Arthouse)

"An experience of a homely nature."


A Child's Prayer.jpg

A Child's Prayer

Film Directed by: Abdul Qayyum Yuzwan (Genre: Feature)

"Doa Seorang Anak" is a documentary film about a young boy, named Che Hamizan life in and out of his Islamic boarding (Tahfiz) school. Che is 14 years old, the only child left living with his parents. In this year, his father is found with a tumor in his brain. Thus left his mother become the sole provider of the family. This film is about his life in school and home,
and the relationships he has with the people that are close to him."

The Men of Mercy.jpg

The Men of Mercy

Film Directed by: A.H. Furlong (Genre: Thriller, teen)

"Seventeen-year-old Sinclaire Lewis relocates to Los Angeles with her recently widowed mother and little brother in the hopes of starting anew, but when gangs and her own small-town naivety interact, it will plunge her into an abyss of drugs and crime she may not survive."

Trailer of "The Men of Mercy"

Anchor 5

Feature Film - Between $5000 - $10,000

Can't Stop the Sun from Shining.jpg

Can't Stop the Sun from Shining

Film Directed by: Dr. Teresa Mular (Genre: Feature)

"A documentary about four centenarian and almost centenarian women living in New York who unravel their courage, strength and zest for life in unique and inspiring ways. An homage to aging without regrets."

Trailer of "Can't Stop the Sun from Shining"

Anchor 6

Feature Film - More than $10,000 -



Film Directed by: JD Cohen (Genre: Feature)

"When 4 American tourists - Sofia, Carl, Belle and Michael - go on a ghost tour, they get much more than they bargained for, when the ghosts of an evil Doctor and his last patient victim trap them in the old abandoned psychiatric ward."


Anchor 7

Web - Series

Gods Game.jpg

Gods Game

Film Directed by: Tony Chaslas (Genre: Web - Series)

"2018. Lucas, a local journalist, has just lost his grandfather. The day before the funeral, Lucas had a dream that brought him back to 1998 during an event he had already experienced. Upon awakening, he can no longer distinguish the dream from reality, which he thinks he has changed."



Film Directed by: Emmitta Lewis (Genre: Web - Series)



Anchor 8

Music Video

Break The Chains.jpg

Break The Chains

Film Directed by: Kim Palzes (Genre: Music Video)

"This is a music video about civil rights and social injustice."

Break The Chains


Tomorrow (Unreleased)

Film Directed by: Migrovegraphics (Genre: Animation, Romance)

"Official Animated Music Video of "Tomorrow" By Terry Blade."

End Effect - BLACKPITCH.jpg


Film Directed by: Karolina Wyrwal (Genre: Music Video)

"The idea for the video was to create our own artistic document of personal plastic usage. Not a critique as such. More an acknowledgement of how damn useful plastic can be, how beautiful along with how permanent and problematic.

We collected all our personal plastic for a 2 month period. We filled a room. It was a massive and sobering amount. We used most of it in the video."




Film Directed by: Daniel Mercatali (Genre: Music Video)

"Today's apathy is strongly linked to the way in which we use our mobile phones. We’ve turned into zombies, checking our phones constantly whilst walking, eating, going out, playing, loving, studying. This terrible disease makes us behave like zombies.
According to the ancient philosophers, apathy was a virtue, as it kept us away from the excesses of passion and was a synonym for balance and wisdom. The apathetic, free of all emotion, could exercise their reasoning to the highest expression. Today, however, the conditions are very different. Indeed, after two millennia spent avoiding feelings in favour of pure rationality, we realise we’re equally unhappy. Consequently, we’re forced to change course and get back on the path to true happiness, and this can't be achieved if one hand is busy chatting on our phone whilst we’re talking to the person in front of us. Phone to hand we feel we’re elsewhere, disinterested in our surroundings, ...."



Film Directed by: Hugo Teugels (Genre: Mystery, Drama)

"In her pursuit for retribution, a seasoned model treads the ever-changing tides of good and evil, right and wrong in the oft nefarious fashion world."

Trailer of "AnoMiC"


"Black Boy" Music Video

Film Directed by: Steven Lamar (Genre: Drama, Rap)

"in this music film, rap artist, Troya, takes a deep dive into the world of two brothers living on opposites sides of the tracks."

"Black Boy" Music Video

I Am The Candidate.jpg

I Am The Candidate

Film Directed by: George Ohan (Genre: Music Video)

"Political Satire"

I Am The Candidate

Anchor 9

Competition Only



Film Directed by: Jabran Zafar (Genre: Short)

"When you have somebody who is close to you;your spouse,your best friend,your family,you can't be pissed off at him for long,no matter what annoyed you at the first place.
That special someone is your HONEY."

Adam and the Aliens - King Red.jpg

Adam and the Aliens - King Red

Film Directed by: Nathaniel Baker (Genre: Animation)

"Adam and the Aliens - A close encounter with a likable robot from another solar system leads to a star-crossed friendship and an impossible intergalactic mission to save the robot’s friends— despite overwhelming odds."

Adam and the Aliens - King Red



Film Directed by: Piero Cannata (Genre: Short)

"Two screenwriters, a ghost story, the night that goes on. Who will put an end to this?"

Seuls Ensemble (Alone Together).jpg

Seuls Ensemble (Alone Together)

Film Directed by: Jennifer Scully-Thurston (Genre: Sci -Fi, Dance)

"A girl meets boy story. We sit with two strangers in extreme circumstances and follow them through the emotional journey of getting to know each other professionally falling in LIKE then in LOVE. We leave the audience to pontificate about the great unknown adventure ahead."

After The Reign Confusion.jpg

After The Reign: Confusion

Film Directed by: Jennifer Scully-Thurston (Genre: Short)

No Games No Fowl.jpg

No Games No Fowl

Film Directed by: Jennifer Scully-Thurston (Genre: Dance, Fantasy, Short, Musical, Post-Apocalyptic)

"Dance for film project about the unexpected twists in life and the transformations that ensue as we follow the journey of a couple of little winged creatures through some strange earthly scenarios."



Film Directed by: Victoria Koberstein (Genre: Short)

"A young woman finds herself in the suite of an abandoned hotel that seems to have fallen out of time. A little box opens up a world between dream and reality, space and time, external control and free will. Her subconscious seems to have company - and it remains unclear whether a dream is really over once we open our eyes."

The Last Macbeth.jpg

The Last Macbeth

Film Directed by: Terry Blade (Genre: Avant-garde, Hip Hop, Dance)

The Last Macbeth

The Middle Child Finding My Voice Throug

The Middle Child: Finding My Voice Through Dance ***

Film Directed by: Constance McIntyre (Genre: Short)

"The Middle Child: Finding My Voice Through Dance

“The middle school reminds me of the middle child, longing for a voice of their own.” —Dr. Constance McIntyreHidden in a community of misrepresentation of a failed past, a local middle school, which once was on the brink of shutting down, resurfaces to a vision of hope and inspiration via its new department of dance.Carol City Middle School, located in Miami Garden, FL was earmarked to close after five consecutive years as a ‘F’ rated school. It’s new principal, Mr. Derrek Negron, revises a new plan to change the landscape in hopes of pulling the negative mindset from its roots. In order to revitalize the school as well as community, he initiated a performance arts wing, with dance at the forefront.With less than four months marked on the calendar, a skilled, kind, and experienced dance director was selected to steer the reigns to bring this vision to fruition........"

Trailer of "The Middle Child: Finding My Voice Through Dance ***"

S'ids Lake.jpg

S'ids Lake

Film Directed by: Kevin Ruiz (Genre: Feature)

"Sid, a scared-up boy from birth, accidentally kills a girl in his sleep. He first invents an alter-ego to cope with his misfortune accident. But once his father, his bully, and his teacher start to suspect he is guilty, Sid travels inside his brain to look for answers. There, he meets a hand full of characters, who give him an idea of how to fix everything."

Trailer of "S'ids Lake"

Eyes On You.jpg

Eyes On You

Film Directed by: SHRIKANT PRABHU (Genre: Experimental)

"Eyes of the children carry million dreams, secrets of the world."

Dog's Breakfast.jpg

Dog's Breakfast

Film Directed by: Matt Bissett-Johnson (Genre: Comedy, Sci Fi)

"A low polygon dog goes on an adventure into the Hall of Cosmic Insanity."

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Murder Has Joined the Meeting.jpg

Murder Has Joined the Meeting

Film Directed by: Josh Minnie (Genre: Mystery, Drama)

Trailer of "Murder Has Joined the Meeting"


My BIG Beautiful Brother Michael Lewis Sr. - R.I.P.

Film Directed by: Emmitta J. Lewis (Genre: Short)

"This video is about My BIG Beautiful Brother Michael Lewis Sr. who died of COVID 19 this spring."

My BIG Beautiful Brother Michael Lewis Sr. - R.I.P.

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The Eve.jpg

The Eve - Short film 2015

Film Directed by: Luca Machnich (Genre: Short)

"Simon is an eight-year-old boy who seems to have everything from life. He’s a handsome child, he’s rich yet unhappy. He senses that there’s something wrong with his life and this leads him to wander off thanks to his fervid imagination. His greatest wish is to leave the materialistic world behind since he isn’t fond of it. That’s why the only present he wants for Christmas is for Santa Claus to take him away to live in his fairyland toy factory. At the same time, a secret that his family has been keeping for a long time suddenly comes to the surface and it is feared that the worst might happen soon. The expectation for the stroke of midnight on the night before Christmas is transformed into reality for everyone on the eve of something truly different. Something terrible that might happen."

The Eve - Short film 2015

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