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Season - 1( November 2018)

Anchor 1

SHORT FILMS (Less then USD 5000)

The Wicked Imagination of Teenage

The Wicked Imagination of Teenage Kid

Film Directed by Tasha Neal-Harris & Candace Wright (Genre: Short , Comedy, Sci- Fi, Horror)

"This creepy comedy features J.C., a teenager who has a supernatural trait--he can't eat before he goes to sleep, or his imagination comes to life in a creepy way! But, uh oh! There is a creepy new teacher at school who has a craving for more than apples! Will his imagination come to life and make him the teacher's snack?"

Trailer of - The Wicked Imagination of Teenage Kid



Film Directed by: Barbara Toschi (Genre: Short)

"Alice, an unstable twenty-something, finds herself dealing with the difficulties in her life. On the verge of suicide, she decides to see a psychologist but contrary to what she expected, the therapy sessions turn out to be a dark play of manipulation forcing her to face her demons head-on."



Film Directed by: Iván Sáinz-Pardo (Genre: Short, Drama, horror, terror, thriller)

Dawns . A baby breaks the silence .

"54 International Awards. More than 300 official selections."

Trailer of - SAVE



Film Directed by: Michael Yurinko (Genre: Short)

"With an ice storm on his heels, Detective Clayton Douglas of the Allentown Police Dept. travels across the snow-covered road to what seems like the middle of nowhere. Out in this vast emptiness sits the massive state hospital. A modern marvel of its day. Clayton directs his car towards it. Inside, the hospital continues to impress. Clayton meets the receptionist and explains he was on a call with Dr. Heysinger when the line went dead. Being the inquisitive detective that he is, Clayton stops by to check things out. He's quickly met by Dr. Heysinger, who begins to tell him of the mysterious man in the basement who oddly enough asked for the detective by name. Daniel Glassman, a Civil War Vet not only asked for Clayton by name, he also wants to confess to something horrible. This situation is just too strange for Clayton to turn away and agrees to meet Daniel. In the basement, locked in a room is Daniel - a bloated, half-dead old man covered in scars. Eyes sunk but piercing. Already in the room is Sister Rose, who seems to be entranced by the sheer sight of Daniel, is present for medical aid and spiritual guidance. Daniel has a difficult time speaking so he wrote his confession down. As Dr. Heysinger reads the confession, we are transported back to 1863 and we see first hand what unbelievable events took place. Not only will it shock everyone involved but it will have them questioning their very fabric of faith and fighting for their lives."


(Little) Red Riding Hood

Film Directed by: Stéphane GUENIN, Daniel JENNY (Genre: Short)

" Once upon a time, there was a little girl, the most beautiful little girl one could ever see, who lived in a town near the forest and everyone called her Little Red Riding Hood. 
As she was going to visit her grandmother who was hill, dawdling along in the woods... What happened next? Nothing you’ve ever heard before…"

Trailer of - (Little) Red Riding Hood


Mission: Apo11o

Film Directed by: Daniel JENNY, Stephane GUENIN (Genre: Short)

"Three men are flying to the moon, one of them should have stayed home … "

Trailer of - Mission: Apo11o


The Window

Film Directed by: Stephen McKinnon (Genre: Short)

"When Josh took a stroll on the wrong side of the law he became the target of an abandoned house with mysterious origins. After glimpsing salvation through a mystical window, he takes a leap of faith and enters a new world. "

Trailer of - The Window


The Goosey

Film Directed by: Ivan Angelov (Genre: Short)

"A young man travels to USA and find himself in a difficult situation"



Film Directed by: Constance McIntyre (Genre: Short)

"Traumatized by the suicide of his young pregnant wife, a dapper-handsome lawyer who has vowed to remain silent, must fight to overcome his personal struggle of depression and finally confront his wife’s therapist. "


Random Knowledge

Film Directed by: Michael Charron (Genre: Short)

"The final round at a pub trivia game puts the random knowledge of six oddly-matched teammates to the test. ...but knowing is only half the battle."


Cupid Is Not A Terrorist

Film Directed by: bellopropello (Genre: Short)

"Love is a random thing. Finding true love is a thrilling adventure, especially if personally involved as target"



Film Directed by: Shu Hirayama (Genre: Short)

"A lonely man tries to escape that same social awkwardness he knows so well by secretly distracting himself with BDSM. While a lonely woman, struggling to take care of her teenage sister, is troubled by the appearance of an ominous stalker."

Trailer of - Lemon


Life's A Drag...

Film Directed by: Robin Royce Queree (Genre: Short)

"Two old drag queens making up for a final show and pondering on life."

Trailer of - Life's A Drag...

SHORT FILMS (Between $5000 - $10,000)

Anchor 2


Film Directed by: Ivan Angelov (Genre: Short, Suspense, Horror, Drama)


SHORT FILMS (More than $10,000)

Anchor 3


Film Directed by: Shashank Shekar Singh (Genre: Short, Experimental, narrative Feature Drama, narrative fiction drama, short, Drama, Feature, Fiction)

"We know a greater deal about the ' how' of things, it is the 'why' we do not understand - Prof. Hinton

This is a story of a theater personality, who has written a play which is adapted from a poem. When he is trying to perform it into a stage play, then some influential people, with hidden agendas become his obstacle. This times it is not about Freedom of Speech but Freedom of Thought."

i will crush you.jpg

I Will Crush You & Go To Hell

Film Directed by: Fabio Soares, Célia Paysan (Genre: Short, Thriller, Road movie)

"At their father’s funeral, Colorado and Louise Fox discover the 
existence of an exclusive and mysterious heiress: Apple Pie. 
Together, they set out to find who she is and hit the road to get the 
money back…

I Will Crush You & Go to Hell is a feminine and psychedelic road 
movie telling the journey of two sisters running away from their past to give their lives a new meaning. Raw, violent and poetic at the same time, the film is a quest about deliverance and freedom."

alea jacta est.jpg

Alea Jacta Est !

Film Directed by: Daniel JENNY (Genre: Short)

"LINZ – June 1901 
In that small Austrian town where he practised as a surgeon, Doctor ROSENTHAL save a badly ill little boy from a hopeless end, thanks to an outstanding operation; and that he did, despite the will of the clinic leader who did not agree to take such a risk. 
How could he imagine the further consequences of his humanitarian behaviour ? 
Yet, if he had known … what would have been his decision ? 
Could he have, for that, called into question oath of Hippocrate ?"

Alea Jacta Est!


Insurance Can Be Sometime A Dangerous Game !

Film Directed by: Daniel JENNY (Genre: Short, thriller (dark movie))

"A small town, a rainy evening, in the provinces. A man, David, enters an art gallery. He comes to meet the owner, Paul, whose business is actually a facade allowing him to carry out insurance scams for unscrupulous customers turned down by his accomplice, Florence. But this time, the case proposed by David will not unfold as he had envisioned ... "

Insurance Can Be Sometime A Dangerous Game !

i want to.jpg

I Want To See Some I.D. !

Film Directed by: Daniel JENNY (Genre: Short, )

"What can one do without a valid ID? 
Based on true events, the journey of our hero begins when he tries to get back a parcel at the post office, without any valid ID, facing the strict rules of the post office department and ends within the walls of the police precinct, dealing with dirty cops."

I Want To See Some I.D. !

the shortest way.jpg

The Shortest Are Always The Best !

Film Directed by: Daniel Jenny (Genre: Short)

"Film with sketches in the form of three amoral fables with epilogue in which the characters will learn at their expense that it is better to consult or to think before acting."

The Shortest Are Always The Best !

Anchor 4

Feature Film - Less than $5000 

lean on me.jpg

Lean On Me

Film Directed by: David Fowler (Genre: Feature, Short)

"A young adult, Chris, is worried about his best friend, Daryl, who had recently moved in. With all the best intentions, Chris tries to help, but unintentionally betrays Daryl. Chris finds himself shut out of this lifelong friendship, loses his job and faces the pitfalls of depression. He meets Angela Collins, a professor in physiology and sociology who works with young adults. She helps Chris regain his balance as he works to regain the trust of his best friend, Daryl"

the weird one.jpg

The Weird Ones

Film Directed by: Adam Baranello (Genre: Short, Art Film, Paracinema, Independent cinema, Art House, Dance)

"The follow up to the film "Beautifully Strange." 
"The Weird Ones." continues the journey of 3 friends and their pursuit of a life of independence and art. When the evil corporation tries to squash their success they will find themselves in the fight of their lives."

Trailer of - The Weird Ones

top models are deadly.jpg

Top Models are Deadly

Film Directed by: Larry Moore (Genre: Feature)

"The movie is about a down and out private detective who is hired to protect the promoter of a charity shows. It features the city Memphis, its people, and its music. It is also a story about intersection, that is how our worlds can be changed by people crossing our lives. 
While based on 1950's tv shows like "77 Sunset Strip" and "Peter Gunn", fans of film noir will notice the elements of noir; that is beautiful women with secrets, a down on his luck investigator facing possible disgrace, the double cross, drinking alone in the bar, shots fired out of the night, a shoot out with an unseen gunman, and of course the trench coat.

And of course, it's Memphis, so it's also in many ways, a musical."

Trailer of - Top Models are Deadly

Anchor 5

Feature Film - Between $5000 - $10,000

if i could.jpg

If I Could Run

Film Directed by: Shawn Welling (Genre: Feature)

"A young girl in 1960 loves to run and joins a boys running team. Setbacks, bullying and ridicule face her. Finding a lost, injured dog proves out to be her strength and salvation. An inspiring, heartwarming story for the entire family!"

Trailer of - If I Could Run

blue skies.jpg

Blue Skies On Mars

Film Directed by: Brian Lutes (Genre: Short, Drama, Crime, Thriller, Romance, Fantasy, Period)

"** Warning: The last 45 minutes of this film is intense!

On the eve of being released from a Martian penal colony, Matthew Quinn relives the events that led to his conviction. As a high-ranking officer for 1970’s Irish mobster kingpin, Vincent Morressyy, Matt finds himself caught in a power struggle with Vinnie’s sociopathic son, Ritchie. Things are complicated further when Matt develops feelings for a young French girl and decides it’s time to extricate himself from the Morrissey family and his life of crime. Matt soon finds all roads leading out are blocked, however, when his new girlfriend Wendy is dragged into the middle."

Trailer of - Blue Skies On Mars

if i shoud.jpg

If I Should Die Before I Wake [Mov]

Film Directed by: Eric Ayala (Genre: Feature)

"Brian Edwards has a lot of demons. Unable to control his addiction and his attraction to a much younger man, his career, home life, and reputation are ripped apart as he surrenders to destructive urges. The consequences of his decisions prove devastating to everyone involved."

Trailer of - If I Should Die Before I Wake [Mov]

there's always one.jpg

There's Always One

Film Directed by: George Massimillo (Genre: Feature)

"When the girl you've been chasing forever is the key to getting your best friend to the girl of his dreams, why not go along for the ride? After a sexy video message is accidentally sent to the wrong person it sets off an adventure that brings both guys face to face with their dream girls. Can they step up, seize the moment and seal the deal?"

Trailer of - There's Always One



Film Directed by: Mukul Nag (Genre: Feature)


Anchor 6

Feature Film - More than $10,000 - 

khai o.jpg


Film Directed by: Ganesh Gurung (Genre: Feature)

"Darpan who dreams of completing his mother dream, get obstacle in his life after not having a citizenship including his father who doesn't have the citizenship, the boy starts to look for a solution."

Anchor 7

Web - Series 

3 try.jpg

3 Try Lights

Film Directed by: Sandra Hammack-Brown () 

"Each mini-episode in the Try Light Zone is a standalone story, dealing with controversial and contemporary issues that deal with aging, loneliness or dying. Set in Utah’s red rock country and in the alternative present time, every episode has it’s own twists and shocking ending. "

Anchor 8

Music Video

"Not Enough Entries"

Anchor 9

Competition Only 



Film Directed by: Ashray Dravidian

"The Film Nirvana happens in between the worlds of Reality and Illusion. In a metaphorical way the film represents the constant fight of mankind to break the monotony of the society or the structures of civilization. The tall standing buildings of Detroit symbolizes the cage in which our Protagonist is held. He believes the Poetry, the literature, any creative art forms are the only ways to get out if those cage but things are more complicated than it seems. His marriage is slowly derailing, day by day as he feels the walls around him are closing at the very fragile moment he meets a man from his motherland. That's when the true quest begins, the quest of identity and how fragile our identities can be. The moment he realizes that he decides to leave everything behind in walks towards his liberty seeking answers for larger questions of life."



Film Directed by: Rafael de Andrade (Genre: Short)

"Betrayed and arrears, Jorge deducts all your anger at the bricklayer working at his home. However, at times, banal decisions have unexpected consequences."

Trailer of - Banalities

Money is as innocent as the Gun

Film Directed by: Chris Colling (Genre: Documentary)

"following the spoken word in action"

Trailer of - Money is as innocent as the Gun

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