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Season - 8 ( NOVEMBER 2020)

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Short Film - Less than $5000

The Quiet Life.jpg

The Quiet Life

Film Directed by: Tim Hoare (Genre: Short)

"A man seeks to quiet the voices in his head, by any means necessary."

The Quiet Life

In Glass.jpg

In Glass

Film Directed by: Tim Hoare & David E. Lee (Genre: Short)

"A man trapped in the darkness of torment discovers the true depths of his despair."

In Glass



Film Directed by: Jedediah Parker (Genre: Short)

"A young female journalist finds out her boyfriend has gone missing, and the police have no evidence to help solve the case. She eventually meets a new neighbor and they become friends."

The 3 Musical Worlds Of JAGDZEIT.jpg

The 3 Musical Worlds Of JAGDZEIT

Film Directed by: Sandeep Abraham (Genre: Short)

"This is the breakdown of the soundtrack to "Jagdzeit" ("Open Season") into 3 musical worlds. This film follows the Swiss composer Michael Künstle to London in the famous Air Studio and shows how he came up with the unique soundtrack of the movie."

The 3 Musical Worlds Of JAGDZEIT



Film Directed by: Emmitta Jane Lewis (Genre: Short)

"This is a Tribute In Honor of George Floyd, Jacob Blake and their Families as well as families of many more victims of police brutality and racial injustice starting with Emmett Louis Till - May he rest in Peace during this - the 65th anniversary of his murder."

No Irish Need Apply.jpg

No Irish Need Apply

Film Directed by: William Fitzpatrick (Genre: irish America, bigotry, history, 19th century)

"A seven minute short exposing anti- Irish bigotry, discovered in the classified pages of Boston's daily newspapers, 1880 's - 1890's."



Film Directed by: Sanchai Aketreephopanun (Genre: Short)



Something Borrowed Something Blue.jpg

Something Borrowed Something Blue

Film Directed by: Stephanie James (Genre: Short)

"Kayden has been known to be a bit of a playboy in the past. Since high school him and Remi have experienced an up and down, on and off, together apart type of relationship. After reconciling with Remi, Kayden realizes that he never wants to lose Remi again. To seal the deal and prove to Remi how serious he is about her and their relationship, Kayden proposes. Unbeknownst to Remi and their circle of friends, Kayden has not been completely honest about his infidelity prior to him and Remi getting back together. And unfortunately what Kayden will learn immediately following his proposal will change his life, but more importantly it can also devastate his most personal relationships. Will there be wedding bells? Or will Kayden be left at the altar?"

Bungalow Expose.jpg

Bungalow Expose

Film Directed by: Sheila Gail O'Rourke (Genre: Short)

"This short explores the social history of a possibly haunted vintage bungalow in Carlsbad, California. It looks at the history of California bungalows and of the seaside village of Carlsbad. The experiences of various individuals who owned and lived in the featured bungalow are then traced in the context of cultural and economic changes that have occurred over the past 90 years."

Bungalow Expose



Film Directed by: Ethan Emmert (Genre: Horror)

"A young woman suspects there is something sinister going on in her apartment."




Film Directed by: Ethan Emmert (Genre: Horror, Thriller, Mystery)

"Dreams having turned to feverish nightmares following a traumatic event, a young woman accepts a special treatment from a reclusive doctor. After traveling to a once homely place, the young woman and her closest loved ones begin the treatment."


Gatewalker Short Film.jpg

Gatewalker Short Film

Film Directed by: Grace Bjarnson (Genre: drama, supernatural, adventure, Romance)

"After the only boy a teenage loner cares about doesn't show up to take her to her first dance, she discovers he's in a mysterious coma. Will she use her ability to venture through Gates into the afterlife to reunite his spirit with his body before it's too late?"

Trailer of "Gatewalker Short Film"



Film Directed by: C. E. Simon (Genre: Comedy, Thriller, Dark Comedy)

"Fresh out of a bad relationship, Jen seeks her cousin Courtney's comfort and a much needed girls weekend outside the city; as it turns out, they have very different ideas about how to get over a breakup."


Gate X.jpg

Gate X

Film Directed by: Lioba von den Driesch (Genre: Animation)

"A traveler falls into the vortex of tightened security controls and does not get away with it unscathed but at least lightly."

Gate X

A Minor Malfuntion.jpg

A Minor Malfuntion

Film Directed by: Cheng Yang (Genre: Sci-Fi, Comedy)

"After breaking his mental control shackle, an office worker tries to leave the office."



Film Directed by: Edoardo Viterbori (Genre: Short)

"When is it you can't change your life anymore? Cencio is thirty years old. Has a girlfriend. Has an honest job as a fisherman. Debts. The only thing that's different with him, it's he's put in front of a choice. Often times a choice is easy only when times are hard. Truth is, you can change your life if you want to. But you can never going back to how things were."

Protest On The Plaza.jpg

Protest On The Plaza

Film Directed by: kevin kelly (Genre: Short)

"Participate in a chaotic & tense confrontation between riot police and protestors in the immediate aftermath of the police killing of George Floyd, while other key characters emerge around you on both sides."



Film Directed by: Taher Ali Baig (Genre: Short)

"Fitrat is a story about humans, their behavior and nature in today’s world. We as people judge others by the scale of our own worst instinct. Good, evil and the nature of people around us is subjective to our own predispositions and prejudices. We are what we judge.
And what's worse, we are all connected weather we see the connection or not. The connection is objective. Two people, in their own worlds unawares to each other are connected by a series of incidents beyond their own control. And we the audience judge them.
Set in the backdrop of ongoing riots taking place in Hyderabad, India. Fitrat starts with Nasir (Sudhanshu Pandey) an imposing figure of a man, a carpenter with the respect and fear of his community is summoned to the police station and is taken into preventive custody for the duration of the riots..............."

Trailer of "Fitrat"

A Momentary Yearning.jpg

A Momentary Yearning

Film Directed by: Faraaz Husain Rahman (Genre: Drama, Romance)

"Francis is a war correspondent, in his mid 30s. Jaded and exhausted by war, he returns to the city he had left 10 years ago. He recalls his days as an idealistic, young man, eager to change the world and a young woman named Nadine he had met and shared a deep bond with just before leaving for his first journalistic assignment. He attempts to reach out to Nadine again, yearning to find what he had left behind, and in the process discovers a truth he had not anticipated."

By Rocket to Oblivion.jpg

By Rocket to Oblivion

Film Directed by: Matt Bissett-Johnson (Genre: sci fi, Comedy)

"A brave spaceman goes on a journey."



Film Directed by: James Ho (Genre: sci fi, Comedy)

"A burdened father faces a dilemma as he is forced to choose between his next aerospace assignment or reunion with his troubled son."

Trailer of "STARFISH"

Volume Control.jpg

Volume Control

Film Directed by: Giorge Souladze (Genre: Short)

"A scientist in hiding discovers something extraordinary, and collides with his former partner.

Synopsis: Larry, a scientist who has been shunned by the world, retreats into his own private practice. Using corpses, he identifies a brain cell in his studies on neuroscience. When Larry realizes this new brain cell could potentially increase IQ levels, he calls his on and off again partner, Rosa, to help him achieve his dream of immortality: the next great scientific achievement; when Rosa arrives, old tensions are brought up between her and Larry."

Operation Grade Changer.jpg

Operation Grade Changer

Film Directed by: Jordan-Paige Sudduth (Genre: Comedy)

"Wannabe spy Alex and his sarcastic sister Hayden work together to help high school star athlete Rowan change his failing grade before security busts their secret operation."



Film Directed by: Filipe Barros (Genre: Drama, comedy)

"The year is 1993, the country is experiencing an economic crisis and yet another currency exchange. Carla is a young adult who divides her days working at a company she doesn't like and her nights working on her first RPG.
It is in the midst of all this crisis that she needs to find a way to change computers in a Brazil that buying imported products is a real adventure"

Psychology of Migration.jpg

Psychology of Migration 30"

Film Directed by: Ferhat Atik (Genre: Drama, comedy)

"World-renowned psychoanalyst Prof.Dr. Vamik Volkan talks about the immigrant problem and immigration psychology in the world. What is the basic psychology of immigration and immigrant? We learn it."



Film Directed by: C. Blake Evernden (Genre: Drama, Suspense, Mystery, Black Comedy)

"Late one wintry night, Douglass Haitner reminisces on his life and the meeting of his true love, his memories twisting and devolving, fighting to maintain his romantic vision in a dark world."

Listen to My Singing Voice.jpg

Listen to My Singing Voice

Film Directed by: Masaru Yasokawa (Genre: Short)

"Mika used to love singing nursery rhymes when she was little. But now, she has lost her ability to hear, and can't sing anymore. One day she receives an email from Arakawa saying he loves her voice. He is eager to listen to her real singing voice, but she hasn't told him yet that she can't sing anymore."



Film Directed by: Ron Fulmer (Genre: Short)

"CLARISSE is an attractive, divorced, 40-something woman who enters a half empty bar, expecting a planned Bernie Sanders campaign event. The cute blonde BARTENDER explains that it's been canceled, but invites her to stick around and have a drink anyway. TOBI, an ambitious pharmaceutical rep in his 20s, is in town for an overnight business trip. He arrives also expecting a campaign event, and is surprised to see the empty room. He decides to order a drink as well. He and CLARISSE strike up a conversation and soon find that they have many mutual interests besides politics. As the night goes on, they develop a strong connection, and the chemistry is obvious. There are just a few obstacles that could get in the way of these two getting to know each other better--IF they let them."

Trailer of "Choices"



Film Directed by: Vikram Chacko (Genre: Short)

"A Psychotherapist gets some disturbing news."



Film Directed by: Zach Rineer (Genre: Drama, Post-Apocalyptic)

"Two boys attempt to survive in a post-apocalyptic Pennsylvania where resources have become scarce."

Trailer of "NOBODIES"

The Girl and The Egg.jpg

The Girl and The Egg

Film Directed by: Thorkell August Ottarsson (Genre: Romance, Drama, Silent)

"A silent short film about a deaf woman in search of her music."

Trailer of "The Girl and The Egg"

Security Camera.jpg

Security Camera

Film Directed by: Thorkell August Ottarsson (Genre: Short)

"One house. A home intruder. A family of four. Six security cameras running, all at the same time, with no cuts."

Trailer of "Security Camera"

The Running Man 2020.jpg

The Running Man 2020

Film Directed by: Jonas Grimas (Genre: Short)

"The Running Man is given one last chance by The Organisation: "Get to Trafalgar Square in under twenty minutes and you will live. But if we catch you on camera three times - you're out!" The streets of London are completely empty. Will he make it?"

Ashes to Ashes.jpg

Ashes to Ashes

Film Directed by: Ashley Landrieu (Genre: Short)

"Three adopted siblings meet for the first time in years to spread their mothers ashes."

The Gallic Pact.jpg

The Gallic Pact

Film Directed by: Sébastien Duhem (Genre: drama, history)

"57 BC, Julius Caius Cesar is campaigning against some of the Gallic people. A young gaul's aristocrat will discover his roots and culture through an initiatory journey."

Trailer of "The Gallic Pact"

Helium the short film.jpg

Helium: the short film

Film Directed by: Bishop Lloyd (Genre: Comedy, Music, Animation, Urban)

"This short film written, animated, and directed by Bishop Lloyd, depicts an animated representation of the events leading up to the creation of the song "Helium" [prod. by your friend, kami] by Rokkai.

Featuring the stop motion technology of Pivot animator, the soundtrack talents from producer black ear$, and voice talents from Elijah Joiner, also known as Ej!, "Helium: the short film" is a comical, exaggerated, yet somewhat realistic view of when expectations fall through."

The Truth, a Short Film.jpg

The Truth, a Short Film

Film Directed by: Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein (Genre: coming of age, self growth and discovery, Selfie as Film)

"The Truth

A young girl keeps her diary and reaches out to you, using her cell phone, at the same time as she keeps a record of the truth.

She shares in her diary and with you - falling in love, hating her mother, hating her parents fighting, being afraid to grow up, being upset that they may move, loving the locket her aunt gives her and feeling loved in ways by her aunt that her parents can't seem to muster, wishing the boy she is in love with would grow taller, confronting her disappointment that she has no relationship with him, sharing her glee at having a best friend and confiding in each other, coming to terms with growing up, letting go of the her first love, getting ready to move and more. She turns off her phone and closes her diary as they move, happy that she has found a secret way, using her precious locket, to hold on to herself emotionally as the movers come."

Trailer of "The Truth, a Short Film"

The Last Shot.jpg

The Last Shot

Film Directed by: Martin Doležal (Genre: Drama, War)

"Fear does not forgive. A wounded soldier faces the consequences of his actions on the battlefield. A short narrative film produced by Taranis Film."

Trailer of "The Last Shot"

Take Control.jpg

Take Control

Film Directed by: Luke Walters (Genre: Drama)

"Student Bethany is thrust into a difficult situation after boyfriend Aaron finds out her future plans which then leads to an altercation that will change her life forever."

Take Control

MalFuncTioN (short.jpg

MalFuncTioN (short

Film Directed by: Sherell Brown (Genre: Short)

"Angela, waits to get intimate with her New bf Kevin but things don't go as she planned"

MalFuncTioN (short

Conflict and a Bit of Magic, A Coming of

Conflict and a Bit of Magic, A Coming of Age, Selfie Film

Film Directed by: Barbara Becker Holstein (Genre: drama, family, coming of age, female issues, teens)

"The 'Girl' is traumatized by being ditched by a boyfriend, a bully, alcohol and kids taking drugs. Who can understand and help her? Maybe her aunt, who she gets to visit. A Seance with a Medium in which the 'girl's' great grandmother comes through gives her the courage she needs to ask her mom questions and in turn to learn some family secrets. Life becomes more hopeful even thought the 'girl' has doubts about the Seance."

Trailer of "Conflict and a Bit of Magic, A Coming of Age, Selfie Film"

O Nome do Dia (The Name of the Day).jpg

O Nome do Dia (The Name of the Day)

Film Directed by: Marcello Quintella e Boynard (Genre: Short)

"A deep and silent pain unites father and mother in the nostalgia of their son. To move forward, they need to face the unknown suffering. The son said that every day had a name, but he left without saying the name of his death’s day."

Trailer of "O Nome do Dia (The Name of the Day)"

A trip to Mt McKinley.jpg

A trip to Mt McKinley

Film Directed by: Mark D. Rose (Genre: Outdoor scenery)

"Ariel Cinematography of Alaska and Mt McKinley in 2020"

Trailer of "A trip to Mt McKinley"

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Rhythm Adjustment.jpg

Rhythm Adjustment

Film Directed by: Adam Sturman (Genre: Short)

"A man is stuck in a rut, repeating the same thing day after day. However a change one day makes him shift his rhythm."

The Dance.jpg

The Dance

Film Directed by: Ira Farmer, Chuck Null (Genre: Short)

"A bad DEA agent goes over the line"

Inner Peace.jpg

Inner Peace

Film Directed by: Severn (Genre: Mystery, Drama)


Trailer of "Inner Peace"

Friends of Alex.jpg

Friends of Alex

Film Directed by: William Wiersma (Genre: Short)

"A desperate, out of work actor finds herself becoming an avenging angel to the ghosts who seek out her help in exchange for money."

Friends of Alex

Silou A Tale of an Orang Asli.jpg

Silou: A Tale of an Orang Asli

Film Directed by: Yazan Al Assadi (Genre: Documentary)

"Silou: A Tale of an Orang Asli is short documentary film about humans of the jungle we focus on a group of the first people who came to Malaysia and they are still living in one of the oldest forests in the world "Taman Negara""



Film Directed by: Mette Holt (Genre: Short)

"Blocked for new ideas, a writer falls asleep at her desk only to be awoken by the doorbell and unexpected visitors in the middle of the night."

Trailer of "SHADOWS"



Film Directed by: Thorkell Agust Ottarsson (Genre: Documentary)

"A silent film about strange dreams."

Apples to Affleck.jpg

Apples to Affleck

Film Directed by: Ruffy Landayan (Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller, sci-fi)

"Celebrating a milestone birthday, Darren has friends over for a classic game night and some birthday cake. However, things take a fun turn as Darren goes from being the birthday boy, to proving his political correctness."

Apples to Affleck

Dead People Problems.jpg

Dead People Problems

Film Directed by: Paul William Dawkins (Genre: Horror, Comedy)

"A brother and sister find out that the dead can be just as - if not more - annoying than the living. They will have to survive some real horror, and also some really, really annoying horror."

Trailer of "Dead People Problems"

Short Film - Between $5000 - $10,000

The Mystery of the I Street Bridge.jpg

The Mystery of the I Street Bridge

Film Directed by: Matthew Agustin (Genre: Short)

"A teenager who unexpectedly found a handwritten poem under the old bridge is now curious and wants to know the the intention of why they left there. The teenager reads the handwritten poem in to find out the hidden meaning that lies within it."

Trailer of "The Mystery of the I Street Bridge"



Film Directed by: Imoleayo Ladipo (Genre: Drama)

"This is a story about a woman who is going through abuse in her marriage but is obligated to put on a mask outside. It captures the challenge we all face in having to project an image on the outside and the realities we face within."

Als die Welle brach  As the wave broke.j

Als die Welle brach ... / As the wave broke ...

Film Directed by: Alexandra Bekiou (Genre: Short)

"The odyssey of a woman (40 years old) on the almost hopeless search for a life that does not seem like hell, after suffering the most terrible abuse and loss of her only consolation. She finds the answer for a life-affirming path beyond all clichés, until the wave breaks. Her key of success: unconditional love and freedom.

A violin lies in the sand, washed by leaking ocean waves. We hear a male voice.

Following sceneries:

Julia runs along the beach and we hear her thoughts.

Julia runs into the forest as she remembers something. The cry of despair seems to break through time and space. A person approaches Julia and seems to calm her with his hand without actually touching her. A male voice tells her something. The figure moves away."



Film Directed by: FLYNN DONOVAN (Genre: Documentary)

"My films always touch on the working man. In this particular instance I chose a fishing crew in the Peruvian Amazon.What unfolds is a richly textured human drama."

The Wolfsbane Case.jpg

The Wolfsbane Case

Film Directed by: Mohamed Hammad (Genre: Short)

"A blind detective is caught in a murder that puts his nephew as the main suspect, and must learn to overcome his fear of the dark to save his nephew before the police arrive."

The College Life.jpg

The College Life

Film Directed by: Andretti Dante (Genre: Comedy, Raunchy-Comedy)

"3 college buddies Vince the star quarterback a pure ladies man, Briggs the class clown Vince's main buddy and Nate just your average college kid trying to get through school. While being Vince's dorm roommate. The 3 are always up to something that usually leads to Nate being the victim of a joke. But on this night Vince finds himself on the other end of a unusual situation."

For A Living.jpg

For A Living

Film Directed by: Bryan Suarez (Genre: Drama, Crime)

"To save his ill mother, an upcoming politician succumbs to the will of a crime lord. Now he must fight to save his mother... and himself."



Film Directed by: Sanil (Genre: Short)

"“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master”

An unknown country military intelligence with the help of the brightest IT technicians develop a voice commanding system for phones with an inclusion of Artificial Intelligence, naming the program as “VOICEE”. On developing the application, concerned authorities realized the danger and decides to abandon the project. However, on test along with five other downloads from dark web someone successfully downloaded VOICEE somewhere in India. Indian military intelligence was secretly assigned to capture the downloaded mobile phone and an officer successfully confines the alleged phone. Parallel a petty thief Rajan is been released from jail who comes across the officer in a local hotel, where Rajan steals the bag from the officer. Rajan finds the phone and to his surprise Voicee gets activated. Now like a genie from a lamp Voicee starts acquaintance with Rajan, providing wealth, happiness, murder, sex, trance and deceit forms the crux of this movie."



Film Directed by: Steven Kammerer (Genre: horror, action, fantasy)

"London, 1851. Based on a true story. Dying of cancer and facing down early Victorian sexism, brilliant mathematician Ada Byron Lovelace makes one last desperate gamble to raise the funds needed to complete her life’s goal, to build the world's first computer."

Trailer of "Ada"



Film Directed by: Arturo Dueñas Herrero (Genre: Short)

"A new doctor has just arrived at a nursing home, where he meets a patient tormented by a past which he cannot remember. This doctor will help him do it, without anticipating the consequences."

Close your eyes and look at me.jpg

Close your eyes and look at me

Film Directed by: Andrea Castoldi (Genre: Short)

"Giulia nella vita ha imparato a guardare il mondo tenendo gli occhi chiusi e a leggere le parole dalla parte della schiena, la parte dietro, quella che non si vede, quella che non si dice...

Giulia learned to live with eyes closed, reading the words from the back. The unsaid, the part kept behind."

Short Film - More than $10,000



Film Directed by: Daniel Maggio (Genre: Family, Stuffed Animals, Grief / Loss, Comedy)

"On the eve of her 21st birthday, Kesi and her band of stuffed animals travel back home for her alcoholic Mother's funeral."

Anchor 4

Feature Film - Less than $5000



Film Directed by: Corey Jay Johnson (Genre: Horror)

"Is a film project of a one-man monologue performance. The performance is taken from the book titled Courageous which is loosely based on the life of Avon "Flubber" Johnson. A notorious gangster who grew up on the streets of Baltimore during the 60's and his life as a drug dealer turned drug addict, during the 70s and into the 80's. This is his story."


The Donbass children.jpg

The Donbass children

Film Directed by: Lubomir Dankov (Genre: Short)

"This is a movie about the Donbas war, first-person stories. You will hear the stories of so-called "ordinary people". These people suffered from irrational from a military point of view strikes on civilian targets. They are victims of someone's desire to wage war on their territory at all costs.

There are no author's comments in this movie and no censoring of the thoughts of the local people. This film was made especially for spectators in Europe, who do not know what is happening in Eastern Ukraine.

The purpose of the film is to arouse interest in the ongoing six-year armed conflict and to make people to start to think about the responsibility of each of us for peace in Europe."

Trailer of "The Donbass children"



Film Directed by: Dobray György (Genre: Documentary)

"“A man only truly dies when he is forgotten.”

I have a little crumpled photo. On it, two young men are standing in Padova among the trees of an unknown grove. They were medical students. They look into the future, full of hope. The shorter one is wearing a hat, the other one isn’t. One of them is my father. I’m not sure which one, because my mother never wanted to talk about him. I was one and a half years old when he was taken to labor service. He never returned."



Film Directed by: Hasan Qureshi (Genre: Drama, Arthouse)

"Charlie, a anthropophobiac moves to China to fight his fear. As he only exits his apartment at night, he develops a unique relationship with a Chinese girl who is going through a rough patch in life."

Welcome to the Conspiracy!.jpg

Welcome to the Conspiracy!

Film Directed by: Sean Totanes (Genre: Drama, Comedy)

"Art, an agoraphobic loser in a downward spiral, thinks the world is out to get him; that is until he meets the girl of his dreams. She offers a proposition - to be part of a project that will "cure his disease". Will she be able to help him overcome his "syndrome", or is Mika, part of the conspiracy?"

Charming Men Part 1  Julie.jpg

Charming Men: Part 1 - Julie

Film Directed by: Thorkell Agust Ottarsson (Genre: Horror, Thriller, Drama, explotation)

"Julie's sister disappeared without a trace. Three months later she might have gotten the first clue but it comes at a price."

Anchor 5
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Feature Film - Between $5000 - $10,000

Young, Always.jpg

Young, Always

Film Directed by: Ethan Emmert (Genre: Horror, Drama, Thriller, Mystery)

"Plagued by reoccurring nightmares after having turned ten years old, the young men and women from four separate families seek to uncover the truth of their connectedness."

Trailer of "Young, Always"

The Place of Memories.jpg

The Place of Memories

Film Directed by: Toshi Asaka (Genre: Experimental, Arthouse)

"Mai Asano (Yui Otsuka) is a girl who was born in the countryside of Japan and moved to Tokyo to become an Actress. She left her home alone. Her big fan was her grandmother, but she just passed away before she sees Mai's big stage. After the funeral, Mai found her grandmother's album and one picture which lead her to the story of her grandmother and grandfather. When Mai trace their memories, she found out the truth of their memories by one picture."

Trailer of "The Place of Memories"

Feature Film - More than $10,000 -

Built lands.jpg

Built lands

Film Directed by: Arturo Dueñas Herrero (Genre: Documentary)

"In the late 60s a group of artists decides to settle in a village in the ‘darkest-deepest’ Spain. Today only Felix Cuadrado Lomas still remains there, determined to reflect the landscape which surrounds him: the lands built by those who work on them."

Anchor 7

Web - Series

Deviant Science.jpg

Deviant Science

Film Directed by: Rozengurt Anna (Genre: Web - Series)

"Anna, a student of psychology, returns home early after a really bad day and finds that her roommate Lina works as Mistress sometimes. Lina convinces Anna to try her first BDSM session. After the session, Anna chooses BDSM as the topic for her dissertation. In each episode Anna discovers a new side of the wonderful world of BDSM."

Brazzy Jazzy.jpg

Brazzy Jazzy

Film Directed by: Steve Becker (Genre: Web - Series)

"When a Brazilian Girl takes on the NYC fashion world, the her adventures are sometimes sexy, often funny, but always Caffeinated! It's Jane the Virgin meets Girls, only an outsider immigrant version - more like Girls of the 3rd World."

Trailer of "Brazzy Jazzy"

Facetime With The Rickenbakker Family -

"Facetime With The Rickenbakker Family" - A Web Series

Film Directed by: Thomas Connelly (Genre: Web - Series)

"A Mother is determined to rally her dysfunctional family into having their own comic reality tv show!"

"Facetime With The Rickenbakker Family" - A Web Series

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Music Video

Dancing in the Dark.jpg

Dancing in the Dark

Film Directed by: Sophia Bowne (Genre: Music Video)

"Looking back upon all my past film projects"

Competition Only

the game just got real.jpg

the game just got real

Film Directed by: bellopropello (Genre: Music Video)

"dogs and humans want to play. or not?"

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Anchor 11


The Running Man 2020.jpg

The Running Man 2020

Film Directed by: Jonas Grimas (Genre: Short)

"The Running Man is given one last chance by The Organisation: "Get to Trafalgar Square in under twenty minutes and you will live. But if we catch you on camera three times - you're out!" The streets of London are completely empty. Will he make it?"

Inner Peace.jpg

Inner Peace

Film Directed by: Severn (Genre: Mystery, Drama)


Trailer of "Inner Peace"



Film Directed by: Andrew Ball-Shaw (Genre: Short)


Perhaps we're not the only ones stuck in isolation. A housebound cat adapting to time spent indoors.

A Film Series by
Andrew Ball-Shaw"




Film Directed by: Rohit raj Goyal (Genre: Short)

"When the trouble is big, the solution can be found in starting small. That way, It becomes easier to see it through. It is surely easy to comment on social media, it is easier to enlighten someone.March 2020, the whole world/country is locked in a fierce battle with COVID-19. Every news channel, social media platform was brimming with constant updates on the Corona situation. Starting from meagre 100 to moving into thousands and lakhs- the number of affected people were increasing exponentially each day. There was a fear in the air. And in the middle of that panic, there rose innumerable superstitions and falsehoods! But what were we afraid of and why? Before the common man could find answers for these bubbling questions, social media and news channels’ rousing questions vanished into an abyss, like a cat slinking away after finishing up the morning supply of milk!Today, September 2020, precisely six months later, we find ourselves thickly in deep of the corona......."

A Strange Season.jpg

A Strange Season

Film Directed by: Burak Oguz Saguner (Genre: Comedy, Drama, Dark-Comedy)

"A marriage that spans over half a century cracks when the husband gets plagued by paranoia."

Trailer of "A Strange Season"

Keep Busy.jpg

Keep Busy

Film Directed by: Mitja Legat (Genre: Music Video)

"During the recent pandemic we were instructed to stay in quarantine and limit our social contacts, which left many people on their own.
Yet there is a big difference between being ALONE and being LONELY.
In a way, this strange times offered an opportunity to rediscover ourselves and do the things we usually do not have time for.
Keeping busy and being out in the nature always calms our inner fears and opens up different, more positive channels in our brains.
So keep pushing, keep dreaming, keep creating, keep smiling and most importantly, KEEP BUSY!"

Keep Busy

Life or Death.jpg

Life or Death

Film Directed by: Ashley Landrieu (Genre: Short)

"A group of friends feel the pressure as they prepare for an epic adventure that could be the matter of life or death"

no plan.jpg

no plan

Film Directed by: Katsuhide Yamago (Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Drama)

"Not so far away in near future...Population decline sharply due to new virus. Yuu engaged in vaccine development as a subject. He stole vaccine involuntarily, because of only distributed to the wealthy. He has no plan about the future."

no plan

Critique Review Only

Apples to Affleck.jpg

Apples to Affleck

Film Directed by: Ruffy Landayan (Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller, sci-fi)

"Celebrating a milestone birthday, Darren has friends over for a classic game night and some birthday cake. However, things take a fun turn as Darren goes from being the birthday boy, to proving his political correctness."

Apples to Affleck

Silou A Tale of an Orang Asli.jpg

Silou: A Tale of an Orang Asli

Film Directed by: Yazan Al Assadi (Genre: Documentary)

"Silou: A Tale of an Orang Asli is short documentary film about humans of the jungle we focus on a group of the first people who came to Malaysia and they are still living in one of the oldest forests in the world "Taman Negara""

Inner Peace.jpg

Inner Peace

Film Directed by: Severn (Genre: Mystery, Drama)


Trailer of "Inner Peace"

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