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Season - 14 (SEPTEMBER 2023)

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Short Film - Less than $5000



Film Directed by: Eben Skilleter (Genre: Short)

"The lazy weekend of three young women is torpedoed by the arrival of childhood friend Aurora, whose tactless, no-filter nature drives them to plot her murder..."

The Fork.jpg

The Fork

Film Directed by: Maggie Craig (Genre: Short)

"A game of cat and mouse. Sophie toys with her food then struggles with the ethics of her first slaughter. After her first taste of blood she goes with her instincts."

When The Stairs Creak.jpg

When The Stairs Creak

Film Directed by: Jason Pitts (Genre: Short)

"When The Stairs Creak is based on the song, "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men, and it tells the heartbreaking story of Sarah and Brady Saxon."

"Trailer of - When The Stairs Creak"



Film Directed by: Jason Pitts (Genre: Short)

"International superstar, Sylvia Darnell invites a blind date to her home for dinner. It is quickly apparent that neither Sylvia or her date are who they presented themselves to be."

"Trailer of - Masquerade"



Film Directed by: Jason Pitts (Genre: Short)

"Three people, all alone in their own way, have a chance meeting, and none of them are the same again."

"Trailer of - ALONE"

MP Film Award.png


Film Directed by: Brian Whisenant (Genre: Short)

"Mabel and Norman have been together for so long that they know everything there is to know about each other. Or do they?"

The Reporter from Chattanooga with Love.jpg

The Reporter from Chattanooga with Love

Film Directed by: Peter Boiadzhieff (Genre: Short)

"The Reporter is delivering the news about inspiring speaker at the secret club control by Rob the founder of The Secret Project 53! "

Bat Diary.jpg

Bat Diary

Film Directed by: Silvano Plank (Genre: Short)

"In the parallel universe, men are on the verge of extinction! In their curiosity and in their longings, they take a mysterious drug that will be their undoing...."

Dreams of the Past.jpg

Dreams of the Past

Film Directed by: Dmitri Frolov (Genre: Drama, Mockumentary, Short)

"A film about peace, love and war. Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the end of the Civil War in Russia. The film takes place at the end of the summer of 1917, when Russia and the whole world were at a crossroads between two eras. None of the people could even imagine how much his life would change in the very near future. In a strange way, the atmosphere of the film echoes our current reality and what is happening in Russia today. According to the form of visualization, the film belongs to experimental mockumentary cinema. To give greater authenticity to what is happening on the screen, the shooting was carried out on black-and-white negatives of 16 and 35 mm, hand-operated cameras were used and the material was developed in manual spiral tanks. The documentary chronicle of the Kolchak army of 1919 and the White army in the Far East of 1922 is embedded in the finale of the film."

School of Idiots by Sheldon Mashugana.jpg

School of Idiots by Sheldon Mashugana

Film Directed by: Dean Morgan (Genre: Short)

"Comedy like Cheech and Chong and the Three Stooges"



Film Directed by: Piero Cannata (Genre: Short)

"A villa on the hills, murky desires, the past that doesn't die. The visit begins."

I Made War of the Worlds.jpg

I Made War of the Worlds

Film Directed by: Luke Walters (Genre: Sci-Fi, Comedy, Drama, Short)

"After a down-and-out podcaster is fired due to a rapid decline in ratings, he turns his attention to the mass hysteria myth of the 1938 radio drama "The War of the Worlds" to get his career back on track. With the help of his more successful yet reluctant friend, and a naive waitress/wannabe actress with dreams of grandeur, the trio set out to recreate a hoax alien invasion to cause chaos, go viral, and bring them the fame and fortune they desire."



Film Directed by: James Curry (Genre: Short)

"Already tired from a long trip, Alonzo Rey returns home to discover a mailbox full of legal fallout from his recent run-in with abusive cop Detective Ruby. Alonzo's early return spooks his girlfriend, who dials 911 to report what she thinks is a home invasion. It's bad enough to have another altercation with the police, but when Ruby spots his chance to take advantage of this situation, Alonzo's life is thrown headlong into chaos. Documentary-style camera work, tight editing, and frantic pacing take the audience along on this life-or-death thrill ride."

"Trailer of - westbound"

The Interview from Hell.jpg

The Interview from Hell

Film Directed by: Frank A DeChirico (Genre: Short)

"We all have experiences of crazy and weird people we work with but have you wondered who hired them, and whether they knew this person to be crazy or were just ignorant and wanted to fill the position?! Eve has an interview with Tom for an IT support position. After going over his "impressive" resume, she asks where he sees himself in five years. He describes a world of civilization's near collapse after the "near apocalypse" and his role in saving it. Eve kicks Tom out of her office as he rattles off a series of techniques he would like to try in his new job. We bring to you a new office comedy and we are sure for it to tickle some nerves. Please enjoy our COVID pandemic special!!!"

"Trailer of - The Interview from Hell"



Film Directed by: Maryam Ghorbankarimi (Genre: Drama, Short)

"Two inept criminals - an indebted family man and the son of an infamous gangster - are contracted to kidnap the ex-lover of a chilling female crime boss. Surprised when their young female victim turns out to be a more professional criminal than they are and escapes, they’re even more surprised when she takes pity on them and returns to help them escape the brutal punishment they’ll face for failure. This compassionate gesture moves the kidnappers whom in turn won’t abandon their erstwhile victim to face her abusive ex-partner alone, leaving the three of them with a dilemma: flee together, or stay and face down the crime boss in an attempt to be finally free?"

"Trailer of - Kidnap"

Nope to Dope.jpg

Nope to Dope

Film Directed by: Picasso (Genre: Drama, Mockumentary, Short)

"A stoner gets a knock on his door from a mysterious guest and finds himself having to defend his home...all while stoned."

"Trailer of - Nope to Dope"

Bitter Sun.jpg

Bitter Sun

Film Directed by: Joseph Rossi (Genre: Drama, Mockumentary, Short)

"A film director lets his emotions get in the way when casting for the lead role in his film."

Uyi Nosa Odia A Portrait.jpg

Uyi Nosa-Odia: A Portrait

Film Directed by: Sofiya Kudryavtseva (Genre: Short)

"The documentary explores the philosophy of life of Uyi, a Luxembourg-based artist of Nigerian origin. Uyi sees art as a ‘safe space’ for communicating ideas that might put one in danger if expressed explicitly. He already had to pay the price for speaking out once."



Film Directed by: Brace Beltempo, Barbara Sirotti (Genre: Short)

"What happens in a woman 's mind after an act of violence? Why do often rape victims blame themselves? Is it really so easy to report an abuse? When your soul is destroyed maybe there Is only one thing to do...."

You Can't Go Out.jpg

You Can't Go Out

Film Directed by: Massah Gonzales - Gamboa (Genre: Short)

"Why are you not allowed to go out? As the world goes through an unprecedented experience, this family decides to follow protocols regardless of the real reason of why they cannot go out during the day."

"Trailer of - You Can't Go Out"



Film Directed by: Prakash Gandhi Natarajan (Dhara Visual) (Genre: Short)

"Synopsis : In a world where extraterrestrial beings have taken everything from him, a young orphaned boy discovers solace when he crosses paths with a similarly afflicted girl. Film Trivia : Story crafted by a 7-year-old with assistance in direction. Filmmaker originally from India, now residing in the US in Texas. Actor/Actress born in the USA, adding a local touch. Captivating music composed by Lua from Brazil. Eye-catching poster designed by talented Dream Light Visual from the Philippines. A true international collaboration. Camera & Editing : Shot on iPhone using native camera app & action movie app Edited on iPad using VN App & Final Cut Pro App Interesting Fact : Taken works as an individual film for wider audience to watch and enjoy. But there is a little secret. Everyone has a past, present and future! This film is the part 3/finale in the "Taken" series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3/Finale) If you are interested in Bruno's past, present and future, then I recommend watching in this order Taken Part 1 ("Taken" Series) : Taken Part 2 ("Taken" Series) : Taken Part 3/Finale ("Taken" Series) : This film ( All my social media links/profile :"

"Trailer of - Taken"

Futurity Infinite.jpg

Futurity Infinite

Film Directed by: Danny Cotton (Genre: Short)

"Upon finding and fixing the first ever time travel device, a young woman’s future self comes back to stop her and change both their futures."



Film Directed by: Ben Dubov (Genre: Short)

"On a winter night, Dana, a young woman comes to her childhood friend, Adam, after a fight with her boyfriend and asks for a place to sleep. Adam tells her he planned to go tripping with a new kind of drug he made and asks her to keep an eye on him while he's tripping. After they go to sleep, Dana wakes up and everything starts to get creepy, now their friendship is at stake. Next morning she wakes up and everything seems to be normal again. Adam tells her that accidently he switch the cups, she took the drugs and that's why she had this night. When Dana feels that Adam is lying, she is trying to get out but he doesn't let her."

"Trailer of - Tripsitter"

The Voice.jpg

The Voice

Film Directed by: Zuzanna Maja (Genre: Short)

"After a power outage, Lucy needs to contact the call center. She is caught off guard when she hears the voice on the other side of the phone. The call center consultant is not only answering questions but tries to know her better."

"Trailer of - The Voice"



Film Directed by: Garfield Boston (Genre: Short)

"A psychotic courier's daughter is kidnapped in order to force her to deliver a package from Coney Island to the Bronx."

"Trailer of - Cipher"

Grimoire Vol 1.jpg

Grimoire Vol. 1

Film Directed by: Donovan Smith (Genre: sci-fi, fantasy, horror, Short)

"A broken lone gunslinger hunts the creature responsible for the death of his wife and children with the help of an ancient magical Grimoire."

"Trailer of - Grimoire Vol. 1"

Vital Tech.jpg

Vital Tech

Film Directed by: Julius Dattenberger (Genre: Comedy, Science Fiction, Short)

"Even in the year 2036, employees of the global corporation Vital Tech are plagued by stress and countless hours of overtime. In order to process important documents on time, secretary Sara searches the fundus for a more powerful computer - but it turns out to be a secret portal to the inside of the software, into which she literally falls. Now the documents from the boss are the least of her problems..."



Film Directed by: Annetten Wilson (Genre: Short)

"The Crisis Squad is a group of ladies who have joined together to help domestic violence victims. They have their own way of dealing with the victimizer."

"Trailer of - CRISIS SQUAD"

Sacred Vow.jpg

Sacred Vow

Film Directed by: Ramona Leigh Taylor (Genre: Short)

"Tess reflects on her relationships and a major life decision after she discovers that her husband has been cheating."

Anchor 2

Short Film - Between $5000 - $10,000

Blind Colour.jpg

Blind Colour

Film Directed by: Patricia D Lewis (Genre: Short)

"Patricia Lewis Producer/Director/Writer Born and raised in Portland, Oregon. Patricia moved to Seattle, Washington in the 1980’s. In 2001, she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Information Systems. She enjoys watching mystery, romance and horror movies. Inspired by so many great movies, in 2009, Patricia attended University of Washington and received her Independent Filmmaker Certificate. While there, she produced a short film titled Adrift and participated in other filmmaking roles. In 2010, she wrote, produced and directed a short film called “Blind Colour”. In 2013, she produced a documentary called Healing Grace."

Log Diaries Seekers of Water.jpg

Log Diaries: Seekers of Water - Kayıt Günlükleri: Suyu Arayanlar

Film Directed by: Emrullah Özcan (Genre: Short)

"In a world where there is water scarcity, people are divided into two groups; hunters and water seekers. The hunters desire exclusive ownership of the water, while the water seekers advocate for its shared distribution among humanity, so there is a challenging task ahead in their quest for water. Su kıtlığının yaşandığı bir evrende, insanlar iki gruba ayrılmıştır: Avcılar ve suyu arayanlar. Avcılar, suyun sadece ayrıcalıklı olanlara ait olmasını istemektedir, suyu arayanlar ise suyun insanlar arasında paylaşılmasını savunmaktadır."

"Trailer of - Log Diaries: Seekers of Water - Kayıt Günlükleri: Suyu Arayanlar"



Film Directed by: Borys Shusterman, Mykhailo Ozerov (Genre: Short)

"Conventional wisdom - with a touch of joking undertone - suggests that the shortest fling can become the most significant one for a man; this is when it is unambiguously supported by a paternity test result. Of course, such a "literary work" is usually based on, albeit accidental, but ... Treason. So what should the heroes, husband and wife, mother and father with three children, do? Should they raise the concern, should they reveal the whole truth? But it can hurt deeply the one you love, even cause a breakup. So should they cover up the truth? Should they cover up it forever and would bear this burden for the rest of their lives? But it is not that easy to handle the pressure. Still, there is a way out, and the heroes of the film have found a solution - it turns out that they can do neither. It is enough just to love each other. Indeed, it seems that having such explosive characters our heroes won’t definitely be able to manage it without the help of this tool."

"Trailer of - Bullshit"

The Corner man.jpg

The Corner man

Film Directed by: Manoj Adhikari (Genre: Short)

"A journey through darkness. My wish to die. One night, a stranger barges into not only the house but the life of a young girl and their lives change forever."

MP Film Award.png

The Messenger * Hermes Remembers

Film Directed by: Borys Shusterman, Mykhailo Ozerov (Genre: Mythology, Fantasy, Experimental, Short)

"Hermes, the most human-like of all the Olympian gods, is now old. On this day he remembers himself as a younger transgendered man, irrepressible but needy of his father Zeus and his aunt Aphrodite. He roams the world, on a quest for love and self-validation. He misbehaves it's true, but this is not a cautionary tale, he is after all a god and can do as he pleases. Remembering Hermes is also a 4th dimensional being so he views time via eternal recurrence. You see, TIME is circular and in layers for a 4th dimensional being. Memories are also seen both clear or hazy depending on their importance. In the beginning it was young Hermes quest to find a way to fully love himself inside the inter-related domains of earth, sky, fire and water, in order to be successful and be a fully realized Messenger of the Gods. Filmed in many wondrous locations around the globe since 1998, this story commingles the divine with the mundane across the vast spectrum of the imagination utilizing the five elements water, air, earth and fire & music; to arrive at it's quintessence. Note: My partner for the last 38 years, Producer Byron Ayanoglu who plays Zeus, and Paul William Roberts who plays Hermes Sr. have recently passed away during this past summer. May Lord Byron Ayanoglu and Paul William Roberts RIP! I am so devastated about having lost my partner Lord Byron and my best friend Paul William Robert who was an Oxford Scholar. "

"Trailer of - The Messenger * Hermes Remembers"

The Common Good.jpg

The Common Good

Film Directed by: Stefan Gutternigh, Eva Amann (Genre: Cyberpunk, Satire, Fiction)

"In 2035 the earth is ruled by a world government called "The Global Organisation for the Common Good". The "GOCG" wants to make everybody happy by monitoring the desires of its citizens with social media, omnipresent cameras, surveillance drones and - for those who can afford them - body implants. We join "GOCG" agent Cindy Karuso as she is visiting Mr. Berger, who has not spent his designated quota for lifestyle and entertainment products for the past months. Will she manage to complete her task for the mother-state and the father-corporation by taking care of Mr. Berger? And will Mr. Berger have something to say within the process?"

"Trailer of - The Common Good"



Film Directed by: Ben Davis (Genre: Short)

"A nightmare wrapped in a wet dream. When a voluptuous Christian-conservative, a leaked sex tape celebrity & a hypocritical hobo-sexual walk into a funeral service, her husbands eulogy turns into a roast & he returns from the grave with a cryptic message. You coming Baby?!?! Starring Maia Kavchak & Jim Brucke Rated: STFU"

"Trailer of - OBSERVANTIUM"



Film Directed by: Garfield Boston (Genre: Short)

"A bi-Polar female NYC cab driver is having a horrendous day."

"Trailer of - Indigo"

Anchor 3

Short Film - More than $10,000



Film Directed by: Howard Perry (Genre: Fantasy, Norse Mythology, Action Drama, Drama, Period Film)

"Odin has dispatched his knights (led by ELVIND) to eradicate the Forest Elves - The Huldra. MAIKEN and her sisters (THYRA & LISBET) are the last. MAIKEN & THYRA have conflicting plans for survival. Can the siblings work together and survive the last Odin hunt? FANTASY DRAMA SHORT"

A Twistful of Dollars.jpg

A Twistful of Dollars

Film Directed by: Kevin Murray (Genre: Short)

"In this visually rich short film, two rival balloon twisters engage in an epic duel at a kid's birthday party, with hilarious and magical results. It's like high noon — with balloons!"

The Pit and the Pendulum - a musicabre.jpg

The Pit and the Pendulum - a musicabre

Film Directed by: Danny Ashkenasi (Genre: horror, musical, Short)

"Musical short film adaptation of the classic Poe story (from the makers of "The Tell-Tale Heart - a musicabre", winner of over 60 film festival awards). A desperate composer imagines himself both the victim and the Inquisition in Poe’s “The Pit and the Pendulum”. Reality and fantasy converge with frightening consequences."

"Trailer of - The Pit and the Pendulum - a musicabre"



Film Directed by: Jake Reardon (Genre: Short)

"An undercover cop resurfaces to relay information, but he may have given away too much."

Compassionate Release.jpg

Compassionate Release

Film Directed by: Ramona L Taylor (Genre: Short)

"Recent and promising law school grad, Kayla Duncan, secretly works to free a wrongly convicted man from prison because of a promise made to a dying woman. She will learn that some promises are meant to be kept."

Anchor 4

Feature Film - Less than $5000

Smash and Dash.jpg

Smash and Dash

Film Directed by: Stephanie L. James (Genre: Feature)

"Clarence Browder, a Chef from Chicago, is very passionate about two things. Food first and then love. Love for some reason has always walked into and right out of Clarence's life. After being jilted at the altar, Clarence's friends Lakeith and Buddy, immediately urge him to get back into the dating pool. They feel that this is the only way for Clarence to get Kima out of his system. His assignment is to "Smash and Dash." Hook up with as many women as he possibly can through a dating app without catching feelings or getting attached. Seems like an easy task, but how will this workout for Clarence? A hopeless romantic who is in search of love. Will he be able to get over Kima? Or will he fall in love over and over again?"

"Trailer of - Smash and Dash"

The Samurai.jpg

The Samurai

Film Directed by: Toshi Asaka (Genre: Drama)

"My husband, Kenji, used to be the best samurai! His sword was so fast, so strong, and his sword techniques were a masterpiece. Until that day... Everything changed. His bright future and purpose to live with the sword suddenly dissapears and now, he is breeding chickens, drunk all the time, and not proud of his job. His life is rock bottom. Does he have no hope? No chance to comeback? It's time to make him stand up again."

Koto, the Woman Samurai.jpg

Koto, the Woman Samurai

Film Directed by: Toshi Asaka (Genre: Drama)

"My name is Koto. I was born as the daughter of a great swordsman. I was tougher than any other man. No man except my big brother could beat me. I always wanted to be the best Samurai, but the time was not ready... for me, for any woman. So, I decided to be a man to become Samurai. One of the witnesses who saw the end of the Samurai Period."

"Trailer of - Koto, the Woman Samurai"

Young Agents.jpg

Young Agents

Film Directed by: Matthew Schmid (Genre: Comedy, Spy, Teen, Family-Friendly)

"Based on the short films, "Spy Kidz" and "Little Agents" by Javier Vazquez Jr., in a town where all of the people are kids and teenagers, 17 year old agent Carl Adams reluctantly partners up with 16 year old agent in training Pauly Sullivan to defeat an evil all girl criminal team led by 14 year old criminal mastermind Lori Trousdale, who wants to prove wrong everyone who thinks girls can't be evil."

"Trailer of - Young Agents"



Film Directed by: Jisan Haque (Genre: Feature)

"Sarah (Nicole Dirmaier), a dedicated filmmaker, attempts to make a film that will change the world. She contacts various actors who are willing to die for their craft."

"Trailer of - Auteur"

13 Months.jpg

13 Months

Film Directed by: Kenya Cagle, Michele Hawkins-Jones (Genre: horror, psychological)

"An elderly woman and her daughter desperately flee their troubled past, seeking refuge in a new home. But their hopes of escaping their haunted history are shattered when their son, accused of patricide and locked resurfaces on a stormy night."

"Trailer of - 13 Months"

Anchor 5

Feature Film - Between $5000 - $10,000

The Chief of Nash Valley & The Saga Continues.jpg

The Chief of Nash Valley & The Saga Continues

Film Directed by: Aundra' Michael Segrest (Genre: Drama)

"The Chief in Nash Valley has been characterized as a spiritual man, but firm when it comes to fighting crime and being respectable, to all persons regardless of race, creed, color, origin, nationality or sex. He conducts and carry himself in a very professional manner. He is married with no children. The chief (Spencer James Johnson) is a bright young man with inspirations to make a difference in law enforcement practices and the community. His life’s track and career ladder were no easy journey. Early on during the chief’s life, he was engaged to Melody Cooper. Melody got on drugs and ran off to Orange County. She was pregnant with his child, which he had no knowledge of. Melody later died, but she wrote the Chief a letter letting him know he had a daughter. He eventually started a new life and got married. Despite his turbulent journey through life, the chief never lost sight of trying to make a difference in the community. (Special Note) The film has been updated with additional scene footage. It now has at least a one hour run time."

The Chief of Nash Valley Part 2.jpg

The Chief of Nash Valley Part 2

Film Directed by: Aundra’ Segrest (Genre: Feature)

"The Chief of Nash Valley is a small town in Texas. Nash Valley will be taking over Orange County , eventually becoming a Sheriff's Department. This just one of twelve (12) new season episodes."

Anchor 6

Music Video (All Budget)



Film Directed by: Zhentong Shi (Genre: Music Video)

"This is a Music Video. The story consists of three timeline, past tense, present tense and future tense. The film tells the story of a man who cheated. His fiancee chose to leave him after finding out. The man drank alone in the hotel room and recalled the good old days with the woman. Many years later, the woman took her children to that familiar beach, and the man came alone. They returned to this same beach again, but the time was different and they didn't meet each other..."

Only Eden.jpg

Only Eden

Film Directed by: Andrea Jean Plamondon (Genre: pastoral, action, outdoors)

"Only Eden is a pastoral, art music film, which was shot with the original 16mm Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera near my videographers off grid ranch in Arizona. It depicts two solitary characters (played by Plamondon) wandering in the wild; both of whom appear to be searching for something, but what that something is, is left up to the viewer to divine. Along the way the audience is treated to lush colors and expansive horizons. The title song speaks to how the world is not what it used to be, and was written and performed by Andrea J Plamondon and Connor Hutton, who has assisted Academy Award Winning directors Ridley Scott, Peter Pau and others."

Anchor 7

Documentary Film (All Budget)



Film Directed by: James Curry (Genre: Documentary)

"The fallout of a sibling's suicide on a family, the accelerated deaths of the parents and the investigation into the root cause. Brian was “the glue that held everything together,” recalls a family member in the first few minutes of “Masterjam.” To some it probably wasn’t a surprise, then, when things fell apart after he took his own life. Brian’s brother James uses the footage gathered during his time as the family’s unofficial historian to examine the circumstances of Brian’s passing, the deterioration of their parents, and the roles that music, prescription drugs, and mental illness have played in the collective life of the Curry family. Simply edited, delicately produced, and fiercely honest, “Masterjam” presents the challenges of American (and African-American) family life in a vulnerable and relatable way."

"Trailer of - masterjam"

Hell in Paradise.jpg

Hell in Paradise

Film Directed by: Tiziana caminada (Genre: Documentary)

"HELL IN PARADISE No, this is not another documentary on pollution. This film shows who is paying with his life and health the consequences of pollution. It all began with a book published in Switzerland “Salento: destination cancer”; about the heel of the boot, the deepest southern part of Italy, a region renown for centenarian olive trees and the Mediterranean diet which has been transformed into a living hell. The air, the earth, the fresh water of Salento are poisoned; cancer cases have increased by 40% in 10 years. Children die from leukemia or brain tumors (+51%). Oil residues, dioxine and glyphosate are the perpetrators. The Olive trees die by the thousands: is a warning to the human? Northern Europa comfort and profit have transformed this south of Italy into a giant dustbin, at such an extent that people die. With the Italo-Swiss author Giovanni, we travelled from north to south, just like the rubbish, and witnessed the extent of human losses and environmental damage. More importantly, we met and listened to those who live in that hell to see how they think that they will pull through. The documentary starts from Switzerland with a « scream from the heart » and returns with the last greedy « Swiss Idea » in the form of an ultimate aggression to that land and to our planet: the Trans Adria Pipeline (TAP)."

"Trailer of - Hell in Paradise"



Film Directed by: Tiziana caminada (Genre: Documentary)

"A portrait of a guy with surprising resilience and his return to the shanty town, where he began his life! Twenty years later, the same guy like David’s leads a fight against Goliath to defend children’s rights. Here we have an experience which is strikingly 100% African. Mathare, Nairobi ; a shanty town where one million and two hundred thousand people survive in unhealthy living conditions among disorderly and foul smelling shacks. A strong-willed and discerning six-year-old decides to go to school against his parents’ will, who would probably prefer using him for his shrewdness in other profitable ventures for themselves, or to support them by working. Steve’s decision led him to be forced to live on the streets for eight years, because his family rejected him. He was helped by other inhabitants, who were as poor as his parents. His school teachers and a priest helped him pay his school fees. Meanwhile he witnessed his parents become alcoholics and his siblings were led into thieving, drug-taking/drug- dealing and prostitution! Twenty years later, Steve returns to the shanty town of Mathare where he was born. He now has a diploma in psychology has studied and worked abroad. He feels that he is meant to be back, to look after the abandoned children, who are regularly abused - physically and sexually – like he was as a child. Statistics confirm that half of the children who live in shantytowns are abused. Steve’s involvement to defend children’s rights began early when he was in high school and he created a Kids’ Club where children were provided with services to listen and speak, and dialogue spaces. He knows that it is best to act early, when children are very young, as his studies and the analysis of his own experience have confirmed. When children are aware of the dangers they face, it is easier for them to deal with their situation. If they know that there are basic rights to education access to food and that beating or sexual abuse are unlawful, those youngsters will find it maybe easier to stand up for their rights and to get out of/get away from a life of abuse and exploitation. With a small sum he had put aside while working with a NGO in the countryside in Kenya, Steve built a small building inside Mathare where a nursery school opened before the end of 2017. Today, this school welcomes 220 children. Gang leaders and all those who exploit children from the shanty town in Mathare dislike Steve’s activities. Steve knows the shantytown’s rules well and he is not afraid of walking on their toes. Despite poverty and ignorance, Steve knows that people in Mathare support his actions. By working with women, and many raise their children alone, he knows that he will reach a few hearts and save some lives."

"Trailer of - LITTLE BIG STEVE"

The American Good Samaritans.jpg

The American Good Samaritans

Film Directed by: Ara Mnatsakanyan (Genre: Doc-drama)

"This is a story about survivors, about extraordinary people thanks to whom remnants of the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian peoples were saved from total destruction. Their mission was to save human lives. The film is about those American humanists who provided invaluable assistance to the Christian nations during the First World War."

"Trailer of - The American Good Samaritans"

Anchor 8

Animation film (All Budget)



Film Directed by: Brandon Frank Lopez (Genre: Animation)

"After a blob of residue rejects the ideals of its creator, relationships and connections face uncertainty."

"Trailer of - PERCEPTION"



Film Directed by: Alexis Chaviaras (Genre: Fantasy, Sports, Road)

"A young mare visits Cyprus to take part in races. Frustrated from failure, she abandons the racetrack after confronting her strict father. The mare will meet new friends who will try to help her find her lost courage."

"Trailer of - Agrinoui"

Anchor 9

LGBTQ Film (All Budget)

Life's A Drag.jpg

Life's A Drag

Film Directed by: Crosby Allen-Jennings (Genre: Drama, Queer, LGBT, Gay, Gay Male, Dance, Explicit)

Anchor 10

Web - Series ( All Budget)

The Case.jpg

The Case

Film Directed by: Patrick House (Genre: Web Series)

"A retired special victims detective is pulled back into the world of sex trafficking on a case he thought was dead cold."

Missy Jubilee is Trash.jpg

Missy Jubilee is Trash

Film Directed by: Missy Jubilee (Genre: Web Series)

"A film about sociopaths in helicopters"

Anchor 11

Films Made by Women Filmmakers. (All Budget)

Marble Me Free.jpg

Marble Me Free

Film Directed by: Diane Leslie Kaufman (Genre: Short)

"How do we cope and what do we do when physical and emotional pain, obstacles, and hardship block our way forward? This "dark night of the soul" journey is powerfully depicted in the "Marble Me Free" animated film."

"Trailer of - Marble Me Free"

the nurse's whistle.jpg

the nurse's whistle

Film Directed by: Jacques MICKE (Genre: Short)

"Five retirees, former senior military officers of the Navy and Air Force are under the orders of their nurse for a daily start up ....!"



Film Directed by: Annetten Wilson (Genre: Short)

"The Crisis Squad is a group of ladies who have joined together to help domestic violence victims. They have their own way of dealing with the victimizer."

"Trailer of - CRISIS SQUAD"

Sacred Vow.jpg

Sacred Vow

Film Directed by: Ramona Leigh Taylor (Genre: Short)

"Tess reflects on her relationships and a major life decision after she discovers that her husband has been cheating."

Compassionate Release.jpg

Compassionate Release

Film Directed by: Ramona L Taylor (Genre: Short)

"Recent and promising law school grad, Kayla Duncan, secretly works to free a wrongly convicted man from prison because of a promise made to a dying woman. She will learn that some promises are meant to be kept."

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It's A Grand Night For Murder.jpg

It's A Grand Night For Murder

"Phil wants to murder his wife so he can be with his mistress. He hires a cut rate hit man and problems begin."

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Film Directed by: ......... (Genre: DRAMA, ROMANCE)

"A horridly captive gay couple is questioned by a spirit woman, who no matter the consequence, needs to get them to open their ears and listen to the heart-beat within her."

The Loser's Club.jpg

The Loser's Club

Film Written by: Jonathan Turner Smith (Genre: feature)

"For years, members of the self-proclaimed “The Loser’s Club” (TLC) have endured the constant "torture" and harassment by some of the most “elite” students in their high school. After a particularly horrendous day of bullying, the members of TLC decide it’s time to put an end to their torment by kidnapping and holding hostage the school's star quarterback and head cheerleader on the day of the school’s Centennial Homecoming. The Loser’s Club’s plan, “Operation Get Back,” is about to kick some serious butt!"



"Jeremy truly wants to do the right thing and stand up for what he believes in even if it means being tormented by the biggest bullies in school. But with the help of his new friend, Margaret, and her Native American Grandfather, he soon learns that bravery and courage can make a superhero out of anyone – even a third grader."

Sacred Vow.jpg

Sacred Vow

Film Directed by: Ramona Leigh Taylor (Genre: Short)

"Tess reflects on her relationships and a major life decision after she discovers that her husband has been cheating."

Compassionate Release.jpg

Compassionate Release

Film Directed by: Ramona L Taylor (Genre: Short)

"Recent and promising law school grad, Kayla Duncan, secretly works to free a wrongly convicted man from prison because of a promise made to a dying woman. She will learn that some promises are meant to be kept."

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Film Directed by: Dr. Nitin Kumar Gupta (Genre: Short)

"When the Indian subcontinent is shut down by a devastating Pandemic, one man must deliver his dead friend’s son back to his family, across 1000 miles of unforgiving lockdown territory. A bittersweet comedy-drama in the genre of 'Life Is Beautiful', inspired by the migrant workers who had to walk 1000s of kilometers back to their homes during the 2020 lockdown."

"Trailer of - Walk"

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