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SHORT FILMS (Less then USD 5000)

No Irish Need Apply..jpg

No Irish Need Apply.

Film Directed by: William Fitzpatrick (Genre: irish America, bigotry, history, 19th century)

"A seven minute short exposing anti Irish bigotry from the classified pages of Boston's daily newspapers, 1880 's - 1890's."

A.E Wells- A Man and His Park.jpg

A.E Wells- A Man and His Park

Film Directed by: Donald Dodge (Genre: Documentary)

"A young man from Wisconsin fought through tragedy and War to help build a community, in Nebraska. Using his vast wealth and love of his brother to create one of the greatest Parks in the History of the state."

Trailer of - A.E Wells- A Man and His Park



Film Directed by: Michael Ricci (Genre: Short)

"Aged and alone, Harold Evans sees creatures in the corners of his apartment "trying to push their way into our realm." Are these the paranoid fantasies of a decaying mind or is there something dark waiting in the...Corners?"

Trailer of - Corners



Film Directed by: Ronnie Cramer (Genre: Art, Art History, Animation, Experimental, Drawing, Painting, Music)

"Five hundred years of world art in five minutes, featuring three dozen iconic works rendered with nylon-tip pen and animated old school style. Each painting is onscreen for three seconds; the transitions between them also last three seconds each. Made up of 2,500 individual drawings, with a musical soundtrack created by the artist."

Family Ties.jpg

Family Ties

Film Directed by: Ira Farmer (Genre: Short)

"A woman wanting to reunite her family"

An Dearg Doom.jpg

An Dearg Doom

Film Directed by: Arthur Janowsky (Genre: Short)

"The religious unrest in Ireland leaves a space to be filled. An ancient evil is stirring and wants to claim this space as its own but it needs 2 things to make this happen......belief and blood!"

An Dearg Doom

Trust Exercise.jpg

Trust Exercise

Film Directed by: Vilma Kartalska (Genre: Romance)

"Music reporter Milla and cameraman Bobby return from a rock concert. Bobby has had a long time crush on Milla. But she has neither noticed his interest, nor is looking for a relationship. With her headphones always on, she is inaccessible to his attempts to win her over. When finally there is a chance for him to reveal his feelings, she relentlessly puts him to a Trust exercise. Will Bobby pass the exam?"


What is Happening

Film Directed by: Kristin Pamela Walton (Genre: Suspense, Comedy)

"A short film about a girl and her vanishing stuffed animals."



Film Directed by: MAURICE MICALLEF (Genre: Documentary)

"The sea, home to a treasure trove of species from the microscopic to the gargantuan has one particular gem. We take a look at this predator of the seas, the most valuable commodity, the third most harvested fish of the seas, the bluefin tuna."



Pool Day.jpg

Pool Day

Film Directed by: Patti Price (Genre: Short)

"Sometimes there is more to buying a house with a pool than meets the eye."



Film Directed by: Bob Jones (Genre: Documentary)

"The effects of the atomic bomb vs a hydrogen bomb."

The World In My Dreams.jpg

The World In My Dreams

Film Directed by: Anusha Srinivasan Iyer (Genre: Short)

"The short is about the journey of a mute boy Raju. The mute child who works in a teastall as a helper boy. Raju refuses tips and once gets rewarded with Rs 500. He has dreams... Big dreams for a poor child... But the teenager sacrifices it all in seconds to feed a little child. After all, the world is in his dreams."

Always With You.jpg

Always With You

Film Directed by: Richard Anthony Dunford (Genre: comedy, drama)

"God is always with you.... Always!"



Film Directed by: Lisa Genovese (Genre: Comedy, educational, women)

"The everyday mishaps of two women lost in their own "Bubble"

Blue Dress.jpg

Blue Dress

Film Directed by: Doug Duncan (Genre: Drama, Romance, International, world films)

"Yearning to untangle herself from a deceitful relationship and express her true self, a woman manifests a stranger in her house, leading to life changing circumstances."

Trailer of - Blue Dress

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Short Film - Between $5000 - $10,000

Second Breath.jpg

Second Breath

Film Directed by: Levkaovitch Antony (Genre: drama)

"Nothing goes right for Gabriel who touches the bottom and loses his footing... How far will he endure his life and bear the hard knocks... He is at a pivotal moment in his life that he calls into question."

Trailer of - Second Breat

Chatter Box- Cornhusker Hero.jpg

Chatter Box- Cornhusker Hero

Film Directed by: Donald Dodge (Genre: Documentary, Short)

"Bob Chatt grew up in Northeast Nebraska in the 1920's. After college a recommendation by his uncle put the wheels of fate in motion. He would meet the fight of his life in the South Pacific in the form of a 1500 ton Japanese Destroyer named "Rough Tide" behind the controls of a B-25 bomber that he nicknamed, "Chatter Box"."



Film Directed by: FRANC KOPIC (Genre: Documentary)

"400 years old natural notability of Maribor and the events around it."

Beyond Staffing.jpg

Beyond Staffing

Film Directed by: Paul Russell (Genre: Sci Fi, Satire, surreal, comedy)

"When Mindy Kelly wakes up in the weirdest recruitment consultancy she's ever seen, she doesn't realise exactly how weird things really are, nor how life changing her next decision will be."

Trailer of - Beyond Staffing

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Short Film - More than $10,000



Film Directed by: RAGHAV OMKAR SASIDHAR (Genre: Short) 

 "A 12 year old boy,Rithvik,intends to write a story to participate in story writing competition conduted by his school.His mother suggests him to get inspired from real story and incidents.What inspires Rithvik to write a story and how Rithvik gets inspired back from the story he writes,forms the rest of the story of this short film.The layer of emotions,that unfolds between the father and son,will surely touches your heart"

The Heart of Greenland.jpg

The Heart of Greenland

Film Directed by: Andrii Andreiev (Genre: Documentary, Music Video, Short) 


The Heart of Greenlan

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Feature Film - Less than $5000

Skinny Atlas.jpg

Skinny Atlas

Film Directed by: Charles Stanley (Genre: Feature)

"3 AM Films and Misfits of Film, LLC present "Skinny Atlas."

A career as an astronaut hasn't prepared Commander Sylvester "Skinny" Atlas for life back on ground. Can Skinny's girlfriend Rocky Keep him from falling into trouble?"

Trailer of - Skinny Atlas



Film Directed by: Jordan-Paige Sudduth (Genre: Adventure, Dramatic Comedy)

"Cyrus Price and his friends are the runts of the litter, and always have been. Bella (known as Bluebell to her friends) has an unpleasant past and most of her family is in jail, Avery’s a killer dancer but can’t catch a ball to save his life and is teased for it daily, Abcd’e (affectionately nicknamed Alphabet, even though it’s ironic) is quite intelligent, but being severely dyslexic, she can’t read a thing. Alexander’s adopted and while he’s got a great adoptive family with plenty of other adopted siblings, sometimes his anger at his biological parents threatens to take over. Cyrus has already got an alcoholic mom, but when his brother Ben suddenly can’t be found one morning, his journal shoved under his bed reveals that he may have been kidnapped by his trusted boyfriend, AJ. After gathering evidence and finding where AJ may have taken Ben, Cyrus and the rest of the crew heads off to find him and get him back, but what they find out ends up being more heartbreaking than they thought.​"

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Feature Film - Between $5000 - $10,000


Beneath the Surface: Water Polo

Film Directed by: Dawn Young (Genre: sports, family, inspirational)

"NYC boy, Wolf Wigo, has a dream to be on the USA Olympic water polo team and who overcomes physical and geographical obstacles until through practice, persistence and perseverance he makes it happen 10 years later."

Anima Sola.jpg

Anima Sola

Film Directed by: Roberto Jabor (Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller)

"Based on the myth of the Saint Anima Sola. A young group buy a house in the city of Rio de Janeiro. They are haunted by Gestas, the unrepentant thief, who was crucified with Christ. Gestas seeks salvation through the soul of Anima Sola reincarnated in a young girl who just moved to the house. The house is haunted by spirits trapped there since before its construction. These spirits wandering along to new residents and intercede with them."

Trailer of - Anima Sol

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Feature Film - More than $10,000 

How to Be a Writer.jpg

How to Be a Writer

Film Directed by: Irenej Vid Bosnjak (Genre: Dark Comedy, Thriller, Romance)

"Young Scottish writer Mike is sent to Slovenia by his manager to overcome a writer’s block and write a new bestseller. The change of environment does not help, so he decides to follow web video instructions on "how to be a writer". Mike is unsuccessfully checking away suggestions from the video until he finally realises he will have to leave his comfortable apartment and find an inspiration in everyday life. Mike starts to explore the foreign city. He meets a local girl Anja and together they discover the world of reality and imagination. The borders in-between get covered in blood."

Trailer of - How to Be a Writer

The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Every

The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything

Film Directed by: The Church of Almighty God (Genre: Documentary, Feature)

"A profound and far-reaching choral documentary that ranges from the mysteries of the stars and the universe, to the changes in the global stage, to mankind’s existence and development to recount the wondrous deeds of the Lord of creation from ancient times until today. This is a testimony from a whole new perspective of how the Lord of creation created all that is and rules and manages all things, how He gives sustenance to and nourishes mankind, and how He promotes the course of human history."

Trailer of - The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything

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Web - Series



Film Directed by: Keith Chamberlain (Genre: crime, thriller, drama)

"Herrings is a dramatic web series about Frank Briggs, a former skip tracer who helps people disappear in plain sight by disguising their digital footprint. However, in Season Two, it’s Frank Briggs who’s disappeared and his unexpected absence will reverberate with our ensemble of characters as they intersect and overlap within the mosaic of Philadelphia."

Whitey Web Series.jpg

Whitey Web Series

Film Directed by: Donald Watson (Genre: Web - Series)

"Integrity has a slippery slope..."

Whitey Web Series

UNTIL DAWN - Yin Chapitre.jpg

UNTIL DAWN - Yin Chapitre

Film Directed by: Mr. Bouhaïk (Genre: Drama, Thriller, Film noir, Crime, Polar)

"On his way out of prison, Ace, a young major in mourning for his mother, works for Jack a dirty cop to protect Zenita, a young Romanian girl forced to prostitute herself. But Ace expects to find answers to these questions ..."

Trailer of - UNTIL DAWN - Yin Chapitre

Red Night Special chapter 1.jpg

Red Night Special chapter 1

Film Directed by: Andrew Jackson (Genre: Short, Web / New Media)

"Ciara and Tiffany get caught up in the drug game. Once your in there is only one way out."

Trailer of - Red Night Special chapter 1

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Music Video



Film Directed by: Daniele Gangemi (Genre: Music Video)




Film Directed by: Carlos López (Genre: Animation, Music Video)

"Animated music clip from the Zaragozan band (Bladimir Ros), based on the very last hours of the anarchist Francesc "Quico" Sabaté, in his runaway across the Pyrinees."


Who I Am.jpg

Who I Am

Film Directed by: Dawn Young (Genre: Music Video)

"This music video is of a song written for use in our documentary on the subject of Alzheimer's disease."

Who I Am

Dilemma - Feenix.jpg

Dilemma - Feenix

Film Directed by: Jesse Haaja (Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Drama)

"Rise like a Feenix."

Dilemma - Feenix

Run Kelly.jpg

Run Kelly

Film Directed by: Anais Auphan (Genre: Music Video)

"A woman makes her perfect man..."

Cherie Berry.jpg

Cherie Berry

Film Directed by: Jahson Oshita (Genre: Music Video)


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Competition Only

Dual Mania.jpg

Dual Mania​

Film Directed by: Joseph Strickland (Genre: Feature)

"LOG LINE: A dangerous game is about to begin...

Dr.Steve Livingston, who has recently graduated, starts a new job at a Chicago psychotherapist firm and takes on a new patient, Tommy, who has a troubled past and can be violent and unpredictable. His condition worsens, but Steve is distracted by his own issues regarding his sexual feelings toward women, in spite of being recently engaged to his beautiful fiancee Lydia, leading to a dangerous situation."

Trailer of - Dual Mania

super tinga hero from two continents.jpg

super tinga hero from two continents

Film Directed by: luciano moucks , luciana rodrigues (Genre: Documentary)

"Super Tinga is a comic book superhero of Brazil who won a monument in the city of Porto Alegre and his success surpassed the American continent and arrived in Africa where reality and fiction mix me"

Trailer of - super tinga hero from two continents

Infierno (Hell).jpg

Infierno (Hell)

Film Directed by: Manuel Camacho (Genre: Terror)

"A deranged man tortures a young woman that he has kidnapped in his apartment. When he is about to kill her, someone knocks on the door. From that moment, Hell will break loose."

Trailer of - Infierno (Hell)

Flopsee & Buttercup.jpg

Flopsee & Buttercup

Film Directed by: Freddie Connor (Genre: Short)

"After 25 years as a professional clown, Flopsee develops stage fright and is booed at a children's birthday party. Accused of "going number two" in his pants and fired from the clowning agency, Flopsee refuses to take his costume off. Despite couples therapy and ultimatums from his wife, he pushes his marriage to the brink. Clinically depressed, he lies in bed all day. On the rare occasions when Flopsee leaves the house, he has vicious custard pie fights with the local clowns."

Nasty Girls.jpg

Nasty Girls

Film Directed by: Aniez Atlas, Dermot Arrigan (Genre: Comedy, black comedy, dark comedy, crime)

"Two spoilt brats, caught cheating in an exam, are sent to the guidance counsellor's office in order to find a solution to the problem. However, things escalate from bad to worse."

Trailer of - Nasty Girls

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Critique Review Only

Dual Mania.jpg

Dual Mania​

Film Directed by: Joseph Strickland (Genre: Feature)

"LOG LINE: A dangerous game is about to begin...

Dr.Steve Livingston, who has recently graduated, starts a new job at a Chicago psychotherapist firm and takes on a new patient, Tommy, who has a troubled past and can be violent and unpredictable. His condition worsens, but Steve is distracted by his own issues regarding his sexual feelings toward women, in spite of being recently engaged to his beautiful fiancee Lydia, leading to a dangerous situation."

Trailer of - Dual Mania

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