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Interview With Thomas Connelly the Director of the Film Facetime With The Rickenbakker Family

Facetime With The Rickenbakker Family won Best Web Series Award in the 8th Season & Best Web Series - Jury Award in the 10th Season of MP Film Award Thomas Connelly Director, Writer & Producer of the Film Facetime With The Rickenbakker Family agree to interview with us.

Thomas Connelly

Thomas Connelly: I have a master’s degree in film-making from Syracuse University.

Poster Facetime With The Rickenbakker Family

About the Film: Synopsis: Facetime With The Rickenbakker Family Web Series Synopsis:

This is a webseries about the trials and tribulations of dealing with your family. As you know, you can choose your friends, but not your family! Every episode deals with a challenging yet humorous situation in the family! I play all the roles.

Facetime With The Rickenbakker Family

What was your drive behind making this film?

Behind the Scene

Thomas Connelly: The drive behind this project was plain and simple, to express myself creatively!

How you feel when you are awarded with the MP FILM AWARD Award?

Thomas Connelly: It’s a thrilling feeling to have your hard work recognized. Thank you MP FILM AWARDS for doing that!

Can you tell us about the greatest moment during shooting this film?

Behind the Scene

Thomas Connelly: The greatest moment is when you have the “martini” shot which is the last shot of the day!

How rigorously did you stick to the script while shooting?

Thomas Connelly: I must admit that as the screenwriter, I’m very diligent about sticking to the script.

Where there any onset problems During the filming of the film & how did you deal with it?

Thomas Connelly: There are usually problems during a shoot, you have to be flexible and patient.

Do you have any advice for young filmmaker out there? Or like yourself?

Behind the Scene

Thomas Connelly: Yes, you have to follow your bliss, follow your dreams, or it will slowly eat away at you!

Do you think it is essential to go to a film institute in order to become a successful filmmaker?

Thomas Connelly: I think it helps, but not essential!

Which film has inspired you the most?

Thomas Connelly: I think any Charlie Chaplin film has inspired me!

Which particular film maker has influenced you the most?

Behind the Scene

Thomas Connelly: I’d have to say Orson Wells and Alfred Hitchcock.

Which book would you love to make a film out of one day?

Thomas Connelly: I would love to make a sequel to Vito Russo’s book, “The Celluloid Closet”.

If you got the opportunity to go back in time & change something in any particular movie of yours, then which movie & what changes will you opt for?

Thomas Connelly: I honestly don’t think I would want to change anything!

If you were to shoot the film again, what would you do differently?

Thomas Connelly: The biggest thing I’d change is my directorial style in terms of shot composition.

What is your greatest achievement till date?

Thomas Connelly: At this point, winning nine different awards for “best web series” in varying film festivals.

How do you pick yourself up after a failed film?

Thomas Connelly: I’ve always said that you can’t experience the good, if you havn’t experienced the bad. Otherwise, it would all be the same. Life can be full of disappointments, and they’re often are greatest teachers if we choose to learn from it.

Where our viewers can catch you (share your social media)?

Thomas Connelly: All episodes of my show are on my YouTube channel, Thomas Connelly. Search for “FaceTime With The Rickenbakker Family” on YouTube in the search bar, and you’ll find more than 20 episodes. I’d love some more subscribers!



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