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Interview With Federico Del Buono the Director, Writer & Producer of the Film Conquer the World

Conquer the World won Best Short Film - Between $5000 - $10,000 & Best Performance (Female) Award in the 2nd Season of MP Film Award Federico Del Buono Director, Writer & Producer of the Film Conquer the World agree to interview with us.

Federico Del Buono

Federico Del Buono (Bologna 25 May 1992), graduated in Communication Sciences from the University of Bologna, took his first steps in the world of cinema immediately after graduating.

In 2017 he decides to invest in himself and his passion for writing and he produces and directs the award-winning short film "Conquista the World". The short film has achieved incredible success in festivals around the world, making it the most awarded short film in 2018. Bologna with almost forty results in less than seven months. Los Angeles, New York, London, Toronto, Calcutta and Rome are just some of the cities where "Conquista il Mondo" triumphed both as best short film but also in individual categories: best editing, best soundtrack, best dramatic short, best photography , best director and best leading actress.

At the end of 2018 Del Buono presented to the public his debut novel "The Milky Way" published with the Viterbo publishing house "Alter Ego Edizioni". In the spring of 2019 there will be a promotional tour through out Italy for the presentation of the novel.

In 2019 Del Buono returns to directing with a short film of national caliber: "The wall between us" produced by Paolo Muran and Giorgio Ciani and sees, among the co-productions involved, realities such as Genoma Film Di Paolo Rossi, the National Academy of Cinema in Bologna , The Emilia Romagna Region and the Metropolitan City of Bologna. The short, set in the Bolognese Apennines, features an emilian cast of excellence: Stefano Pesce and Ivano Marescotti are the protagonists of this family dramaaccompanied by Vito and, again, Vanessa Montanari, respectively the family doctor and Marescotti's daughter. .

The short immediately received a positive response from critics, positively praised by newspapers on the subject such as Ciak magazine, My movies and Universal Cinema among many and, above all, by the public at its world premiere on the occasion of the opening of the 2019 ROME CINEMA FESTIVAL. , convincing by its extremely intimate and direct nature.

Poster Conquer the World

About the Film: Synopsis: Conquer the World Film Synopsis:

Giada is living a very deep conflict with herself. In the process of a new theatrical performance, the phantom of a mistake on the stage, made two years before, will undermine her already fragile certainties.

What was your drive behind making this film?

Behind the Scene

Federico Del Buono: What I wanted to do, what I wanted to tell with this short film is the metaphor of life. the stage is the background to a story of daily life. Giada's fears are ours. her insecurities are ours. the beauty of the theater amplifies this concept and make sit more metaphysical

How you feel when you are awarded with the MP FILM AWARD Award?

Behind the Scene

Federico Del Buono: Winning a prize is always nice. being recognized for your work is a great satisfaction! in your festival we have even won two awards and this makes us proud! We sincerely thank you for the value you have given to our film

Can you tell us about the greatest moment during shooting this film?

Federico Del Buono: Team work certainly characterized the work. being on set with so many great boys and girls was an honor and a pleasure. Seeing so much passion and talent in one place is inspiring and has helped the actors work by making them perform at their best

How rigorously did you stick to the script while shooting?

Behind the Scene

Federico Del Buono: I wrote the script myself and that helped me a lot to bring the idea to the camera. the work was not easy due to the short time available but we were really good at achieving everything I had in mind

Where there any onset problems During the filming of the film & how did you deal with it?

Federico Del Buono: The biggest problems when i comes to low-budget films are many: lack of personnel, equipment, funds. some times it is not always possible to make up for the shortcomings, but we worked as a team and we succeeded!

Do you have any advice for young filmmaker out there? Or like yourself?

Federico Del Buono: Even when something goes wrong, never give up! do not sit, do not wait for the opportunity and move! knock on doors, write, speak. show yourself!

Do you think it is essential to go to a film institute in order to become a successful filmmaker?

Federico Del Buono: I think studying is important. theory is fundamental but practice helps more and more! a great way to become a good director is to read a lot and then be able to "see" the words.

Which film has inspired you the most?

Federico Del Buono: To mention only one film would be really an understatement! great directors have marked international cinema: from Tim Burton to Ron Howard or Spielberg, from Leone to Zeffirelli or Fellini. many illustrious names have contributed to making this profession magical! I hope one day to be able to give my contribution as they did.

Which particular film maker has influenced you the most?

Federico Del Buono: One above all: Giuseppe Tornatore. he has a way of talking about cinema that fascinates me a lot because he knows how to be tough and delicate at the same time

Which book would you love to make a film out of one day?

Federico Del Buono: It may seem obvious, but I hope one day to be able to stage one of my books! why not?

If you got the opportunity to go back in time & change something in any particular movie of yours, then which movie &what changes will you opt for?

Federico Del Buono: If I had this power I don't think I would use it to change my film. every step, every mistake made me better and allowed me to compare myself with others in the trade. I thank the mistakes I made.

If you were to shoot the film again, what would you do differently?

Federico Del Buono: I'd rather have more time to focus on the details

What is your greatest achievement till date?

Federico Del Buono: I never gave up in the face of difficulties

How do you pick yourself up after a failed film?

Federico Del Buono: Thinking that everyone can make mistakes, that a bad film today can become a cult tomorrow

Where our viewers can catch you (share your social media)?

Federico Del Buono: Follow me on social media like instagram and facebook and very soon we will also launch the website




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