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Interview With Caterina Ross the Writer of the Film I can only dream

I can only dream won Best Music Video Award in the 2nd Season of MP Film Award Caterina Ross Writer of the Film I can only dream agree to interview with us.

Poster I can only dream

Caterina Ross is an Spanish singer, actress and producer born on the island of Mallorca (Spain).She studied Performing Arts and began in show business as a television hostess for the Germanprogram Wettendass ... After that,she began to act in theater, highlighting her roles in classics suchas Antígona, Macbeth, Calígula, La Celestina or Don Juan Tenorio. In the meantime, she worked inadvertising, radio and television, on channels such as Channel 4 or IB3TV.Afterwards she moved to the cinema working in films producedin Spain such as Zero, Retorno, Luces, Una función para olvidar, Walk-in, among others, or foreignfilms such as Casos de un Judicial directed by Manuel de Luna, a Mexican-Spanish coproduction.

After working in several musicals, she began her career as a solo singer, releasing her first album Pieces of me. in 2014, in which the song All mylife appeared, awarded in the United States and India. In 2015 she released his second albumRemixed, including the song I can only dream, soundtrack of the film Luces (starring MikyMolina, Fernando Esteso among others), also awarded in countries such as the United States,Venezuela or Chile.

Behind the Scene

About the FIlm: Synopsis: I can only dream Film Synopsis:

The music video talks about a woman who falls in love with a dangerous gangster’s bodyguard.

What was your drive behind making this film?

Behind the Scene

Caterina Ross: I wanted to create a different music video for the song and I thought I could get something interesting mixing the atmosphere of the gangster’s story with dancers and rhythm.

How you feel when you are awarded with the MP FILM AWARD Award?

Caterina Ross: I felt very excited. It gave me forces to keep ahead with my creations and projects.

Can you tell us about the greatest moment during shooting this film?

Behind the Scene

Caterina Ross: I think it was when we shot the part when I’m singing standing up on the motorbike. It was the funniest aswell.

How rigorously did you stick to the script while shooting?

Caterina Ross: I think I’m very rigorous and in this case,the script never changed a bit, but sometimes when the acting flows you have to let it work and it can take you to new ideas you didn’t imagine at first.

Where there any onset problems During the filming of the film & how did you deal with it?

Behind the Scene

Caterina Ross: The main problem was coordinating the agendas of all the actors, bikers and dancers involved in the film, but that was not really a problem because everybody was very engaged with the project.

Do you have any advice for young filmmaker out there? Or like yourself?

Caterina Ross: Keep working and working to improve and never think you are not going to get it. Dreams are only for the one who never abandon the road, no matter the stones you find on your way.

Do you think it is essential to go to a film institute in order to become a successful filmmaker?

Behind the Scene

Caterina Ross: You can be self-taught or have a natural instinct but you have to know the technique and a film institute will enrich you for sure.

Which film has inspired you the most?

Caterina Ross: I love the films from the 80’s. In this case, a music video for a latin song, I thought of Thalia, Gloria Stefan…

Which particular film maker has influenced you the most?

Behind the Scene

Caterina Ross: I love the classics, Alfred Hitchcock, Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino or Woody Allen.

Which book would you love to make a film out of one day?

Caterina Ross: I imagine every book I read turned into a film, I can’t help it.

If you got the opportunity to go back in time & change something in any particular movie of yours, then which movie & what changes will you opt for?

Behind the Scene

Caterina Ross: Well, now I’d change many things of my films, but I think thanks to that mistakes, I’ll do it better next time. I’m learning.

If you were to shoot the film again, what would you do differently?

Caterina Ross: I’d probably change some sequences and the order of some of them. I’d also add new ideas in the script.

What is your greatest achievement till date?

Behind the Scene

Caterina Ross: The greatest achievement for me has been to receive nearly 20 awards and a lot of official selections for I can only dream. Now I’ve just shot my next music video “Shadows in your way” and I’m looking forward to seeing the final result after the postproduction as soon as possible.

How do you pick yourself up after a failed film?

Behind the Scene

Caterina Ross: It’s only one step to do it better, it’s a part of the process.

Where our viewers can catch you (share your social media)?

Caterina Ross: You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube as Caterina Ross and as @cateeina on Instagram. At this moment I’m working on my website




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